2014 Reunion
at Roaring Rapids
July 25th, 2014

Approximately 40 classmates attended.  The weather was beautiful.  The was food was good and fun was had.

                              Gladys Berg and Betty Chesterman

                  Dick and Edna Stoneburner Jones and Jan Fochtman

                               Elaine Winn and Marge Lynch



                  Dorothy Naylor, Steve Hinrichs and Bob Evenson 



                             Doris Eaton and Lucy Reiersgaard

                Jim Smith, Wanda Langdon, Sylvia Dobes and Dick Putman


                               Eric Skinner and Jan Fochtman


                            Sylvia Dobes and Judy Feiereisen

            Merle and Robin Davidson Collman and Marilyn Evans

                             Richard Tennent and Jim Baumgartner

                        Nancy Castleberry and Linda Kindrick



                           Pat Page and Betty Chesterman


Jan Fochtman, Linda Kindrick, Paula Boatright, Nancy Castleberry, Robin Davidson


          Mike BeBout, Dorothy Naylor, Karen Fountain (Tom's wife)


Nancy Castleberry, Dennis Prociw (Nancy Fent's husband)
and Sharon Prociw (cousin to Dennis)

      Pat Page wearing Fred's hat.  (I wonder if she has ridden a horse.)

                                        Carolee Tomseth


     Bob Evenson, Tom Ball and Denny Bloom (Judy Mercer's husband)


                Jim Baumgartner, Paula Boatright and Jackie Hartman


                              Bob Smith and Fred Dellinger

                              Bill Guempelein and Jim Thompson

                              Carol Rombold and Beth Klud

Carolee Tomseth, Iris Ball (Tom's wife), Judy Feiereisen
with a beautiful river background

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