"The Big Fling"
Saturday Evening
at the Springfield Country Club

page three

Sharon Prociw and Jack McCreary
re-enacting Jack pulling Sharon into the boys' restroom at Thurston High.






Dave Sears and Jim Pedersen with their wives




Brian Whitlow and his wife, Dave Sears and his wife, 
Jim Pedersen and Jim Thompson





Jackie Hartman, Janet Gerlach and her husband, 
Jan Fochtman, Judy Feiereisen and her husband




Edna (Stoneburner) and Dick Jones




Judy Feiereisen





Janice Meakins, Arline Keck & Gloria Rhoades




Sharon Trudeau, Janice Meakins and her husband




If you didn't attend, plan for the 50th reunion 
and have your photo on this site.  
Classmates love to see other classmates.


Carol Tharp & Jim Baumgartner




Edna Stoneburner, Dick Jones, Bob Jorgensen, 
Curtis Langer and his wife, & Judy Mercer




Marge Lynch, Lynda Nice and her husband

Carol Rombold and her husband, Linda Kindrick, Beth Klud,
Tom Fountain and his wife


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