"The Big Fling"
Saturday Evening
at the Springfield Country Club

page two

Cheri Vinson, Larry King & Bette Weed




Some people gathered outside on the terrace.




Edna Stoneburner, Dick Jones, Bob Jorgensen, 
Curtis Langer and his wife, & Judy Mercer





Pat Esgate





Melvin Paxton and his wife, Dave Hollandsworth and his wife,
Sally & Jim Baumgartner




Jack Starmer, Nancy Castleberry, Marilyn Evans,
& Lynda Mann and husband




Frank Tester and his wife, George Rockwell and his wife




Linda Estes, Nancy Fent and her husband, 
& Judy Harris and her husband




Carolee Tomseth and her husband, Bette Weed, 
Fred Willis, Tonya Leathers & Linda Ward





Dennis Barnts picking up his food.






Marge Lynch, Lynda Nice and her husband, 
Jeralyn Schnell and her husband, & Sharon Prociw





Arline Keck and her husband, 
Sheralyn Kroeger and her husband





Lynda Nice & Marge Lynch

Curtis Langer & his wife


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