40th Reunion
Saturday evening
page three


part of Marilyn Evans,  Nancy Fent and her husband



Carol Tharp



David Crowe's wife, Harald Lohn, David Crowe



Myron's wife, Myron Brown, James Tillapaugh


Mike East and wife



Mike Geherman


Marilyn Evans (seated), Shirley Fleck




Pat Esgate



Dennis Barnts



Harald Lohn and Jim Baumgartner

Saturday evening.  Seated:  Sherry Martin Lessard and
Sharon Prociw Skinner (standing)



Sharon Prociw Skinner and hubby Eric Skinner


Judy Feiereisen Von Hagel, Dorothy Naylor Stanley, Jackie Hartman Pender,
Paula Boatright Babb, Jan Fochtman Hinrichs, Tonya Leathers Willis,
Bette Weed King & Mariyln Jensen Henderson



After Saturday evening at the Doubletree Hotel
Jim Baumgartner, Judy Feiereisen, Patti Page, Paula Boatright,
Bob Jorgensen, Janet Fochtman


Jack Hathaway and Myron Brown



Darrell Linklater, David Hollandsworth, James Tillapaugh



Kay Sandgathe, Ed Cole and wife



Linda Haugen, Lynda Nice

Jack McCreary, James Tillapaugh, Bob Evenson, Richard Staven, spouse



Mervin Logan and his wife



unknown spouse, Frank Tester, Bill Guempelein,
David Hollandsworth and his wife


Richard Staven, Harry Plouse's wife, Harry Plouse


Jack McCreary, Bob Evenson



Dick Jones and Edna Stoneburner Jones


Jack Starmer and his wife


facing camera:     , Sharon Smith, Beverly Cornelius, Janice Gilliland



Fred Dellinger, Jack McCreary



Ed Cole, Bill Guempelein, Ed Cole's wife, Dave Hollandsworth wife,
Dorothy Naylor



Betty Chesterman



Jim Ferguson, Roger Hansen and his wife Patty



Tom Fountain and his wife Karen


Dave Taylor and wife, Bob Evenson's wife, unknown spouse, Linda Haugen



Joanne Jerke and her husband


Fred Dellinger, David Crowe



Beverly Cornelius and MaryLin Gray



Lucy Reiersgaard and her husband



Sharon Trudeau



Donna Gibson


Melvin Paxton and his wife



Nancy Fent

David Love and Brian Whitlow

 George Rockwell and his wife Renee  

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