40th Reunion
Friday Evening

 Edna Stoneburner, Sharon Smith



Wanda Langdon, Lyle Fox, Bob Cox and the back of Fred Willis



Wife hiding hubby's bald spot??????



Tonya Leathers, Eric Skinner



Linda Kindrick



          Sharon Trudeau, Dorothy Naylor



Ginny Harris, Pat Busby (Dick's wife), Louis (Ginny's husband)



Jim Ferguson, Fred Willis, Shirley Howland, Linda Mann



Paula Boatright, Jerry Lakey, Carol King

Tom Fountain, Linda Kindrick

Carolee Tomseth and her husband



Linda Kindrick (seated),Janet fochtman, Jackie Hartman (left of Janet),
George Rockwell (at right)



Linda Kindrick



Jackie Hartman, Judy Feiereisen



Jim Baumgartner, Dick Jones



Jim Pedersen


Larry Bruhn



Fred Willis, Jim Ferguson, Susan Jeans



Marilyn Evans (seated)  She complied the Memory Book



 Robin Davidson


Sandy Hemmingson, Wanda Putman    "Do you understand Sandy?"



Mike Bebout, Shirley Howland



Cheryl Lewis, Carol Knecht (center), Joyce Jerke, Joanne Jerke



Tom Gwyn and his wife



Jim Groat, David Sears, Don Enright



Edna Stoneburner



John Hales and his wife Nina, Dick Jones, Jackie Hartman



Jack Stevens, Doris Eaton, Judy Feiereisen



Fred Dellinger, Jim Ferguson, backs of John Hales and his wife Nina



David Sears, Dorothy Naylor



Dorothy Naylor, Bob Cox


Don Cloutier and his wife Marda



Judy Feiereisen, Jackie Hartman



Jack Stevens


two people happy to see one another, Nancy Castleberry, Doris Eaton



Sherry Martin



MaryLin Gray, James Tillapaugh



Dick Putnam, Bennett Huff, Sylvia Dobes



Janet Gerlach, Jim Baumgartner, Harald Lohn, Melvin Paxton



Jackie Hartman, Jeralyn Schnell



Paul Boatright, back of Jackie Hartman, Sharon Smith, Beth Klud

Rita White, Russell Harris (just behind Rita), Dave Hollandsworth

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