2018 Campout
August, 2018
at Camp Sherman, Oregon
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George Momb
August 22, 2017

George lived in
Palm Springs














Bebout, Mike

Dobes Harvey, Sylvia

Pictures were taken at 4:45 am Sat. May 12th. I heard a crash and the motion sensor light went on. I looked out and saw the bear. I slammed the door and he went around the corner of the house but came right back and tried to knock down a bird feeder. I woke Sylvia and she grabbed her smart phone and got some pretty good pictures.


                                                Mike and Sylvia live in a residential area on Spring Boulevard in Eugene, Oregon.


Henderson Dever, Jobeth








                    My birthday 2018 at Jubilee Lake with my granddaughter, Isabella.



Dellinger, Fred                 Naylor Dellinger, Dorothy

What have we been doing?  There has been lots of company riding ATVs up on the surrounding mountain.  We have a different mountain range on each side of the house.

Where do we live?  Northern Nevada.

Fred has been busy getting the hot spring's water to drain into the pond again.  Perhaps the antelope herds will  return.

In this photo, the pond isn't full, but you can see where the water enters and the house and barn are in the background.
The hot spring water is 172 degrees when it comes out of the earth and it will cool in the pond.  We do not swim in it.
For enjoying a hot tub, we put a garden hose in a large tub near the house and it fills at 102 degrees.

There is a secondary reason for clearing the pond of weeds.   The fire helicopters load their tanks with water for any nearby range fires such as the one below which just occurred in the past week.  The fire was 10 miles north of us.
Most of the nearby fires are caused by lightening.

As you can see, we don't have nearby neighbors.  The nearest one is a mile away.

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