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Donald Eugene Alliston
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Donald Eugene Alliston died peacefully of congestive heart failure with his family by his side on February 28, 2015 at the age of 73.

Don is survived by his wife, Susan Alliston of Portland, OR; daughter, Lisa Curt of Olympia, WA and daughter Melanie Odom and son-in-law Ben Odom.

Don Alliston was born on May 12, 1941 in Davenport, Washington to Robert and Carula Alliston. He graduated from Springfield High School in 1959. After graduating, he entered the U.S. Armed Forces where he had the opportunity to serve in Germany.

He married Susan Renner, after meeting her on a blind date in 1969. Don began his career in sales working for Herzog Motors in finance and then built his 40 year career in automotive sales. The couple raised their children Melanie and Lisa and spent their free time travelling the great Northwest. The most memorable, was the time spent on a houseboat touring the San Juan Islands.

Don was accomplished tennis player and member of the Mountain Park Racquet Club where he played daily with a group that grew to become some of his dearest friends.

He was witty, quick with one-liners and loved to make people laugh. He was passionate about his family and spending time with them.



Marilyn Jensen Henderson

Bette Weed King

Jackie Hartman Pender

Dorothy Naylor Dellinger




Marilyn and Bette are neighbors and both are quilters in the same guild. 
Their quilt guild had a show in the Portland area and the two gals were in charge of the volunteers.

It only seemed right two more quilters, Jackie and Dorothy, should join them for a fun afternoon
and later for a wonderful seafood dinner together.



Sally McAnulty Carlson


































Sally was diagnosed with lung cancer in October and died January 10, 2015.


Sally Carlson(1943-2015)         Published in Eugene Register-Guard on Feb. 19, 2015

Sally Carlson of Wallowa, Oregon died Saturday January 10th after a battle with lung cancer.

Sally was born in Enterprise September 30, 1943 to Robert and Mildred McAnulty. Sally attended elementary school and two years of high school in Springfield, Oregon. The McAnulty family moved to Prineville in 1959 where Sally attended Crook County High School, graduating in 1961. Sally attended the University of Oregon for a year before moving to Roseburg to join her "Vernon" family and work in the assessor's office. She and her close friend Elaine Bails moved to Los Angeles in 1966 where she worked for an insurance company. Sally and Elaine moved to Seattle in 1968 where Sally worked at the U of W. In 1969 Sally moved back to Springfield where she worked for the Department of Human Resources and met her husband-to-be Ken Carlson. Ken and Sally were married December 24, 1973. After completing his education at Oregon State University, Ken and Sally moved to Los Angeles where Sally attended Long Beach State University, majoring in Social Work. Sally graduated with honors and was the top student in the college of Humanities and Social Sciences. In 1980 Ken and Sally moved to Seattle Washington where Sally obtained her Masters in Social Work at the University of Washington.

Sally loved school. But instead of her dream of becoming a professional student she was forced to become a professional social worker working for a number of mental health organizations before forming her own business offering employee assistance programs to public and private institutions. After Ken retired, Ken and Sally moved to Wallowa in 2003 to care for Sally's mother. Sally volunteered at the Nez Perce Homeland Project. Sally was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2010 and moved to Wildflower Lodge's memory care unit in 2012.

Sally had a gift. She could walk into a room full of people, not knowing anyone, within 5 minutes she would have a cluster of people glued to her every word. Within 10 minutes she would have one or more confiding their innermost secrets. Sally loved people. She loved social gatherings. Especially if it was a group of close friends, of which she had many. Sally affected the lives of people from Los Angeles to Vancouver, BC.

While in Seattle Sally spent many summer vacations working on a cook crew for high mountain camps in the Canadian Rockies. A social event Sally couldn't pass up even if it meant working dawn 'til dusk. Sally volunteered many hours to Senator Patty Murray's re-election campaign. Sally had the better car so she became the driver, driving the senator from event to event.

Christmas was a special time, having been married on Christmas Eve. Sally would celebrate the holiday with a party for her husband's department, a party for her business associates and yet another for her nearest and dearest. Sally loved to host, providing her guests with delicious soups and homemade breads. She made her home a Christmas fairyland with multiple Christmas trees and unique Christmas decorations. Sally would shine.

A temporary 1992 assignment in North Carolina let Sally explore the east coast. Sally would explore during the week while her husband worked and would drag him to the best discoveries on the weekends. A basket class let her meet a new set of friends and resulted in a large collection of handmade baskets.

Sally's second love was reading. She had read every book in the Springfield Public Library before she entered junior high. In her hay-day she could read a book a day. When Sally tired of social work she got a job at a bookstore. It was her ideal job. She became the Mystery Book buyer. Sally used every paycheck to buy books with her employee discount. She was in book heaven.

Sally had many "families" and was deeply loved by all. Her stories and laughter will be missed. Sally is survived by her husband Ken of 41 years, her brother Mike McAnulty of Springfield, OR and one sister and five brothers of the Vernon family into which Sally was adopted. There will be a memorial for Sally sometime this spring. Details will follow.

We would like to express our gratitude to the staff at Wildflower Lodge in La Grande. Even though Sally could no longer communicate and understood very little she still became a favorite. Sally's smile and giggle won over hearts. Everyone at Wildflower treated Sally with love and the utmost respect. We thank them for their care during Sally's last years.

More information on Sally


Gloria Rhoades Bacon

I have been invited to an Invitational Art Show and Sale for both my photography and watercolor that will be the last 2 weeks of this month.  I am setting up a website so when it is finished I will send you the information.

We will be on the road to Arizona the mid part of August and September.
Health:  We are keeping ourselves pretty good.  Generally just age related stuff, but we are keeping the upper hand....


JoBeth Henderson Dever


















No new pictures but here is a fun old one of me with my first class in Keaau, Hi. 

The news is I sold my house in Oregon City so quickly last September, I found myself homeless so I phoned my late cousin's wife in Springfield and informed her my cat and I were moving in with her that day.  She laughed and said, OK.  Thank heavens for folks like her.  I still have not figured out where I want to live next but thought I had better hunker down for the winter so rented a house in Walla Walla, Wa where I have a son, a step-son, and four grandchildren.  I left two storage units in Milwaukie when I sold and now one load is sitting in my rental garage and one I am still paying on but there will be a big garage sale come Spring.  I would like to rent a place at the coast to see if I would be able to live there before buying.  Other than that I have not a clue where I would like to go.  Here is notice Terry and Phyllis Snyder - clear out the spare room in case I land on your doorstep. 

2- 7 15               


Fran Hilfiker Taber


 Linda Wilson Rapiach
August 18, 2014


Just a note. On Nov 3 I had triple bi-pass surgery at McKenzie Willamette Hospital. The Doctor, his team, and all of the nurses, both male and female, and  the staff were wonderful to me. It was as positive an experience as this type of surgery could possibly be. Based on my experience I  would recommend their Cardiology unit to anyone. I was released from the hospital on Nov. 8 and by my Surgeon on Dec. 3rd. Thankfully, at that time, I was also released to drive again. Not being able to drive was the one thing that was making me "crazy, not that there was really any place I needed to go."  I started Cardio. rehab. in Dec. and am now down to one day a week. I walk at least forty minutes a day, every day, and hope to add to that by starting to work out at an area gym. I feel wonderful, better then I have in several years. Now I know why!

 Sadly, on Aug. 18. my wonderful friend of 56 years, Linda Rapiach, passed away after a massive stroke that left her mostly unable to speak but with a good mind. She was in a nursing home for around five months. I spent much of that time at her bedside. We found ways to communicate. She had a wonderfully expressive face and could say " yes" and " no" when she wanted to. I barely had time to adjust to her passing when I found myself in the middle of my own health battle. Now recovered myself, I miss her terribly. For those of you that didn't know her, she was a wonderful person, smart, warm, caring and loyal with a great sense of humor and a lovely smile. Adjusting to the loss of her friendship and support is on going for me, but I will get there.



David Crowe






Merrily and I have been married 48 years as of last September.  Our two sons are married and well, with two healthy children each. Stephen, our youngest and Lindsey his wife and two children live just a quarter mile down the country road from us so we get to see Caeden (9) and Carley (8) several times a week.  I expect them anytime today to stay over night with grampa.  Merrily is in Florida attending her step mother’s estate along with her 5 brothers and sisters and getting the property ready for sale. She lived on Siesta Key.  Merrily is staying with our oldest Son Taylor and his family, Mandy his wife and Leah (7) and Dean (4) who also live in Sarasota. 

We drove down to Sarasota on December 17th for the Memorial service for Merrily’s step mother on the 20th and stayed with Taylor and family through Christmas and New years.  I drove home on the 4th and have been ‘catching up’ since. 

Not a lot exciting here.  Merrily went to England with her sister on a tour of English Gardens and Castles but not before getting a pacemaker inserted for her Afib.

 I had open heart surgery last August and am healing well and getting strength back that had waned a lot in the last 5 years.

 I am ready to semi retire, spending time with my grandchildren and Merrily, and writing for Restore America.  Time to enjoy family and prepare for the future.

More information on David



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