2014 Campout
September 3-7, 2014
at Camp Sherman, Oregon




The gang starts arriving on Wednesday and by Friday evening
everyone is there.

The "first timers" attending were Tom & Karen (THS Class of '63) Fountain and Sherry Martin & her husband Les Lessard.


Several gals usually work all year long to give to everyone a homemade item. (Seen in the photos below.)  Not shown were ruffled scraves made by Carol Rombold and shopping bags made by Sylvia Dobes.

Judy  Feiereisen and Kerry Harris (Clint's wife)



Everyone brings books, videos & jigsaw puzzles for exchanging with others.

Doris Eaton, Carol Rombold & Carol Evenson (Bob's wife) organize this.
The remaining items are donated to a charity organization.

This year Beth Klud (not a camper) sent 4 boxes of books to be exchanged. 
Thank you Beth.

Crocheted bootie slippers were made and given by Doris Eaton



On Friday evening many of the campers go into Sisters for dinner.
Later they return to gather around the fire.


Jackie Hartman, Don & Sue Enright




Clint & Kerry Harris



Tom & Iris Ball



Sylvia Dobes & Mike BeBout






Others did attend, but they are not pictured.



Friday and Saturday morning some of the guys make breakfast.
Bob headed the cooking gang this year.

Jim Pedersen and Bob Evenson





Mel Paxton


People eat at tables inside or outside.  When finished, they stay and talk.



Roger Hansen says "Wait.  I have a good story to tell you." 
He hasn't repeated a story yet.




Dorothy Naylor & Mike BeBout


Carol Evenson & Iris Ball



Mel Paxton, Mike BeBout & Fred Dellinger


Sylvia Dobes & Sherry Martin


Marge Lynch. Tom Fountain & Tom Ball



Tom Fountain, Dorothy Naylor, Sandy Paxton & Kerry Harris



Carol Evenson, Carol Rombold & Linda Kindrick

Les & Sherry Martin Lessard



Gary Rombold



Karen Fountain


Mike BeBout



Jackie Hartman



Jack & Luwana Starmer



Fred Dellinger



Tom Fountain & Jim Pedersen playing some type of throwing game.





Linda Kindrick, Jan Fochtman & Steve Hinrichs



Dorothy Naylor & Sylvia Dobes




Sylvia Dobes

Mel & Sandy Paxton, Sandy Pedersen and Roger Hanen




Wayne & Doris Eaton Moe



Jan Fochtman



Sue Enright



Tom & Iris Ball



Gary & Carol Rombold Chapman



Wayne & Doris Eaton Moe


Karen Fountain



Steve Hinrichs


Judy Feiereisen



Mel Paxton











Don Enright and Clint Harris





Jackie Hartman and Dorothy Naylor



Dorothy Naylor, Fred Dellinger and Jackie Hartman



Mel Paxton and Roger Hansen



Judy Feiereisen



Sandy Paxton and Sandy Pedersen

Don and Sue Enright



Carol Rombold and Sylvia Dobes



Mike BeBout and Clint Harris



Jan testing TV connection for the Oregon game.








2015 Campout will be August 27 - 31

Plan to join us in your RV, in a motel room
or just for the day.


It's fun and relaxing.

Contact Mel & Sandy Paxton for reservations.




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