2013 Campout at Camp Sherman

12th annual campout

This year, we had a surprise visit by some of the classmates who had been golfing in the Redmond, Oregon area.  Then another surprise when Janice Copple (Springfield Class of '63) emailed that she was bringing Sally Sanborn to our activity.  We even had another surprise from Sylvia Dobes and Mike BeBout, who were not expect to attend this, came for a few hours. 

Thanks everyone for visiting.  You made the yearly event special.

Which golfers would visit us?
You  had to have guessed it would be Jim Baumgartner. 
He brought Merwin Logan, Tom Fountain
and Bob Campbell (Carolee Tomseth's husband.)

Fred Dellinger with Bob Campbell



It was a special pleasure to have Sally attend.  She has been living in Burns, Oregon. 
Since she has retired, she has been looking for a new location to reside.


Janice Copple & Marge Lynch
Janice thank you for bring Sally to Camp Sherman.  Please do return.


Mike BeBout


Sylvia Dobes (never without her knitting)


Several times, family members have done a day visit.

Sharon Prociw Skinner's son, his wife and son joined them this time.








On Friday night (the first evening when everyone is together), many in the group venture into Sister's for an evening dinner.







Consider joining us next year.  Don't say "I never spoke to those people in high school.  I don't know them."

Most of the people here never said "hello" in high school.  Now we are wonderful friends.  Spouses also feel like members of our class.   

At the Campout this year, I celebrated my 70th birthday.  I felt privileged to be among such good people who I consider friends.

(secret:  Fred did say "hi" once in high school, but that is all he said to me.   
             -  Dorothy) 


Dorothy Naylor, Royce & Sandy Hemmingsen Kirk
















Of course, there was the Horseshoe Tournament.

The winners were Steve Hinrichs and Fred Dellinger.








Sharon Prociw & Sandy Hemmingsen


Patty Hansen                                         Roger does have a way with the women                                  Judy Feiereisen



Melvin, once again, was in charge of cooking breakfast for Saturday & Sunday.  Where else can you eat two meals for $2.  Thank you and all the guys that helped cook.  Thanks to everyone who helped with the clean up.

Saturday night is pot luck and leftovers are eaten for Sunday dinner.  Of course,  there are always snacks.


This year Doris Eaton brought crocheted book markers for all of the gals.  Thank you Doris.

Doris Eaton and Carol Rombold:  Thank you for your time putting together the book and movie CD exchange.

Thank you Judy Mercer for the craft lessons.

Eric looks so serious


Note the cup.  Doris is still young at heart.


Some of our cooks


The food was so good.  Thanks guys




Sometimes medical problems occur.  Dorothy was stung by a bee.
Did you know an unlighted match head will take the stinger out?

Ahh... Fred.  Can I feel your bald head.


Dick & Edna Stoneburner Jones


Mel & Sandy Paxton


Carol Evenson & Doris Moe


Bob Evenson


Clint Harris


Kerry  Harris
Thurston Class of '63


Carol Rombold Chapman

Marge Lynch Bates


Guess which university Don Enright attended.

Wayne & Doris Eaton Moe


Carolyn & David Taylor


Robin Davis Collman

Eric & Sharon Prociw Skinner


Roger's wife couldn't stand his talking anymore ;-)


Roger Hansen



Judy bought ceramic tiles that we painted.





Come  join us next year for the fun.
September 3 - 7, 2014

Come for all of the days, some of them
or consider a day visit.

Contact Dorothy for reservations.

That's All.

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