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Fairbanks, Janet 



Milwaukie, OR


Farquharson Alkman, Ann
Nov. 20, 2010


Former Fairbanks resident Ann Helmick Aikman passed away Nov. 20, 2010, in Tucson, Ariz.
Ann moved to Fairbanks in 1974 where she was an accountant and president of Alaska Society
of CPAs in 1985-86.

She is survived by her husband Ralph Aikman of Tucson, her mother Merle Page and brother
Rob Farquharson, both of Fairbanks.


Feiereisen Van Hagel, Judy

LaConner, WA


I am retired from McKesson Drug Company (accounting dept.) and have spent the last year adjusting to free time. My favorite activity is volunteering as room mother and teacher aide in a first grade classroom. My husband, also retired, and I are planning a trip to Germany in April. We continue to live in rural Snohomish County in the house we built 25 years ago. At one time we raised our own beef and pork but have not had large animals for several years. The pasture is reverting to wild and the garden plot is smaller. I do still sew. Fritz is an amateur radio operator with contacts worldwide. We have a quiet life here in the woods. I have enjoyed the website and appreciate the time and talents supporting it. Hope to see many friends at the reunion.


Six years ago we sold our place in the woods and moved 35 miles northwest to Shelter Bay in La Conner. It’s a small, mostly boaters, community bordered on one side by the Swinomish Indian reservation and on the other by the San Juans. We are not boaters but do love the friends, neighbors, and activities of this active and educated retirement area.

Our two grown children stay in frequent contact. Daughter Lisa lives with her sea going captain/husband and their small son in Scotland. Son Justin has been in Spokane for five years but his career path is bringing him back to this side of the state as I write. Family gatherings have been infrequent in recent years but appreciated more. I’m looking forward to being around Justin’s two children as they grow up.

Several years ago my husband, Fritz, was diagnosed with vascular dementia and our lives changed. As his decline advances the challenges for me increase. So far, so good….I’ll take that for as long as possible. I’d like to believe I am a “ glass is half full” kind of person.

Fifty years is a long time. I am grateful for the friends who have stayed close since before graduation and for all the many who have filled the years since. As I read the bios I see realized potential in abundance. It reminds me of the Dr Seuss saying, “with a head on your shoulders and feet in your shoes, you can go any direction you choose.” The class of 61 did that.

Please do make it a point to say hello when you come to the reunion. I will so enjoy it.


Fent Prociw, Nancy


Springfield, OR



My husband and I will be celebrating our 41st anniversary in June!  Where did the time go?  We have two sons, Kevin and Jeff.  Kevin is married with two of the cutest, smartest kids in the world!  Haley is10 and Holdyn is 8.  They live close to us and always spend the weekend with Nana & Papa. Jeff is a "older" student at Oregon State in the engineering program.  I retired from the Springfield School Dist. in Dec. of 99 , Dennis is still working, and I love being a housewife. We have 6 acres of land, so I keep very busy mowing, weeding, etc.  We have a horse, Indy, a cat Midnight and Annie our dog.  So I keep
busy, sometimes more than I want.  We love to travel and have been to Canada, Mexico (to see the pyramids) New Zealand ( made great friends there who come to see of every few years) Australia and the Fiji Islands (beautiful)! Our next trip will be to Japan to our exchange student who lived with us for a year.












   Where have the years gone?  There are 2 big mile stones for Dennis & me.  50 years out of high school and 50 years of marriage come June.  Those 2 cutest and smartest grandkids have grown up. Unfortunately, they have had to do that with their father, Kevin, who was lost in a motorcycle accident in 2003.  Our youngest son, Jeff and wife Leona, now have the cutest and smartest children in the world!
    We are still doing some traveling.  We did make it to Japan to see our daughter Mizue(Japanese exchange student) be married in a traditional Japanese wedding.  We spent 17 days traveling with Mizue & her grandparents.  What an experience.  The wedding and kimono that she wore was beautiful.  She was married first in Las Vegas (family couldn't come) and Dennis got to give her away. 
    We now spend our winters in Wickenburg, Arizona.  We go home in the spring to the same home we have had for the past 46 years.  We hope to downsize someday soon.
Looking forward to seeing everyone this summer.



Ferguson, Jim
April 28, 2011


Eugene, OR


Spouse:  Gloria
Children:  Greg & Tracy
Grandchildren:  Justin (4) and Ashley  (3 weeks)

CURRENT ACTIVITIES:  Hunting and fishing.  Camping and watching Oregon football, track and field.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE LAST 40 YEARS:  Work, work, work







James Ferguson, a devoted husband and loving father, left this world for the next on April 28, after a 9 month battle with cancer. Jim remained strong and cheerful throughout his struggles. He had an irresistible smile, an inviting laugh, and captivating story-telling skills reflecting the warmth and humor that characterized his life.

Jim was born on April 30, 1941 in Opal, Arkansas. At eleven years of age, he moved with his family to Oregon. He loved his mother's pecan pies, had many fond farm stories of growing up in Arkansas, but came to love the Oregon wilderness and the U of O Ducks, quickly becoming a devout Oregonian. In 1962 he met his bride-to-be, Gloria Heath, at the Eugene Cannery where they both worked. They married on March 22, 1963.

Jim was an avid and successful hunter. He belonged to the Oregon Hunters Association for several decades and read everything he could to enhance his hunting experience. His greatest passions included hunting deer, elk, and turkey, helping his friends and family with any type of project, and bragging about his grandkids. He was a proud Grandpa. His wallet bulged with pictures of his grandchildren and if you would make the time, he would share their stories.

Retired for 7 years, he had worked at McDonald Wholesale Company for over 33 years. He enjoyed his work and seldom missed a day.

Despite his gift of 69 years his family and friends wished he could have stayed here longer.

Published in Eugene Register-Guard on May 8, 2011



Ficke, David Don
Nov. 11, 2008



David Don Ficke
was born October 28, 1942 to Melvin Carl and Gertrude Della Ficke. Dave went to meet his Lord on November 11, 2008. He is survived by his wife Sharon, only daughter Shelley and her husband Rich, one brother, three stepsisters and twin grandchildren, Richelle and Riley. He was the middle child of three boys. Jim was his older brother who passed on as well as Dave's parents. Mike, his younger brother, lives in Springfield, Oregon. He also has three stepsisters, Michel Ronning of Springfield, Taresa Mogle of Salem and Mari Kircher of Federal Way, Washington.

Dave was born in Milford Nebraska and moved to Springfield with his family when he was seven. He always told stories about life on the farm, like having his own Shetland pony to ride to school, enjoying helping his dad with the animals and getting into trouble influenced by his brothers. He attended Springfield High School, then enlisted in the Air Force and was discharged to take care of family at home when his father passed away of complications of surgery.

Dave met Sharon Lewis and they dated for about a year and a half. They were married for 45 years. As a young man, he loved to play pool, go fishing and hunting, visit the coast and get together with friends. He really enjoyed cars, especially detailing them. He enjoyed being a father, taking longer lunch hours because he wanted to spend more time with his family. As a family he loved to go camping around Oregon and always camped around a lake or river to go fishing. Dave's grandchildren nicknamed Dave "Papa" and he just bragged about them to everyone. If you knew Dave you knew about his twin grandchildren.

Dave began his work career with two jobs, washing cars for a car lot and at Atlantic Richfield gas station. His career path took him to Eugene Planing Mill, R.C. Cola (a beverage company), became a long haul truck driver before driving locally for Panoco Oil which he really enjoyed. When an opportunity arose he worked for Jerry Brown Company, hauling fuel products which also allowed him to be home very night. Dave worked for Jerry Brown up until his retirement. He had a good work ethic everywhere he worked and made friends easily. He was loyal, genuine, honest, capable and respected by all. He always made people feel welcome and had a word of wit to share, most likely causing his friends to laugh. Most of Dave's friends and neighbors were able to see and help him through his battle with cancer. Dave was a Christian and was a member of Santa Clara Church of Christ. Matt. 5:16.

Dave attended his sophomore year with us.   


Fitch Weir, Cheryl
October 2, 2009




Oakland, CA



Fleck Higgins, Shirley




Bend, OR



I have been married twice and spent 5 years with a man that took me on a roller coast ride with a look at a different culture and different people than what I had grown up with. We went to Mexico where we spent time enjoying the country. It was beautiful down there but it was like in the 50¹s for us in the States. After spending 6 months or so in Mexico, we came back to El Cajon, California. Now I know why I like Oregon better than down in that area. We lived on the streets or with people we had met on the streets. Then after two years of living like this, I had had my fill of this life style and decided that home didn¹t seem so bad after all. Those two years in California were h!!! but ones that taught me a lot of things about myself and people. After moving home I worked and went to Lane Community College. What a happy time I had and the people I met were great. Didn¹t know what I was missing until this all happened. Went 3 years and graduated in 1997 with honors. A 3.664 grade point average and membership to Phi Theta Kappa. I felt on top of the world at graduation because of what I had accomplished at my age when I had hated high school. After graduation I moved from Springfield to Bend to be close to my daughter and grandkids. I got a job with Muzzys (motorcycle accessory shop) in August of 1998 and am still working and love it! Just what my schooling trained me for. My greatest thrill from my life is my daughter, grandkids whom I love very dearly-and my school days at Lane.


Fochtman Hinrichs, Janet
May 19, 2016

Springfield, OR

graduated from the U of O and taught for 32 years.  All of my
teaching was in the Springfield schools except for two years when I joined Steve in Virginia and taught in Williamsburg schools.  This is my third year of retirement which I am enjoying very much but seem to be almost as busy.  I enjoy being involved and do volunteer work for the school district and the teachers' union. I like going to U of O basketball games.  We have two children, not married, no grandchildren.






We have made a lot of changes in the last ten years. Upon retirement we bought a motor home and began traveling throughout the country in the summers.  It then became our desire to go south for the winters.

 For a couple of years we stayed in the motor home all winter but then decided we wanted a home to come to for the winter.  That led us to Green Valley, AZ. where my sister, Judy, had lived for several years.   The past 3 winters have been very busy with remodeling our AZ home away from home. 

We still own our Springfield home and come home each summer.  Our mothers are still alive and our daughter, Genna, lives in Eugene.  She is a U Of O grad (single) and works for Peace Health.  We lost our son in 2006.

Just wanted to write a note thanking all those who demonstrated fantastic support for me at this time two years ago. Thank you for all your prayers, visits during Chemo., food brought to my door, telephone calls, hats, books, CD’s, cards and however you showed your support. The support paid off!! I just had my new lab results and I have been cancer free for two years. That is a very important mile stone for my type of cancer. It usually rears its ugly head within the first two years. However, there is still a chance that it may come back. The next mile stone is 5 years and then 10 years. I'm planning to live at least as long as my mother.  She lived 92 years.  That gives me quite a few more years!!!! THANKS!  (I am also celebrating my first anniversary with my new hip replacement.  Life is good!)



Janet (Jan) Sue Hinrichs passed away at 72 on May 20, 2016 at Sacred Heart Medical Center with family by her side. Janet lost her second battle with cancer after a four year remission.

Jan was born in Callaway, Nebraska on June 5. 1943 to Harold and Fae Fochtman. She was the first of three girls; Judy came in 1947 and Karen in 1950. In 1955 when Janet was 12 the family moved to Springfield, Oregon and she attended Springfield Junior High and then Springfield High School.

Jan continued her education at the University of Oregon and graduated with a degree in Education in 1965.

Janet remained a lifelong Duck fan. She married Stephen (Steve) Hinrichs in October 1964 and moved to Virginia after her graduation to be with Steve while he served in the US Army where she taught in Head Start. Upon their return to Oregon in 1967, Jan started teaching at Camp Creek Elementary where she had a split class of first and second graders. Jan continued her career at Centennial Elementary where she taught second graders. She retired at 55 in 1998 from Ridgeview Elementary and continued working for two years as a reading consultant. Jan was known for her successful efforts identifying and solving early reading problems. Jan was a long time member of the teaching sorority Alpha-Delta-Kappa.

Jan loved to do art projects, such as painting Christmas ornaments for her sorority and crocheting many items for friends and family. Her Arizona friends all enjoyed her crocheted angels. She also enjoyed doing home improvement projects and was capable of doing so many things even re-plastering walls. She was dedicated and capable with any job she took on.

Steve and Jan loved to travel and had many adventures in their motorhome. After Jan' s retirement they started going to Arizona to spend holidays and then later on from November to April. They purchased a winter home in Green Valley, Arizona in 2010 and loved the soft winters of that area and the enjoyment of getting together with friends and family who had also made the transition to Arizona.

Janet maintained close relationships not only with family but with High school classmates and teaching associates. She was all about family and friends always looking forward to the next get together. She served on the reunion committee for her Springfield Class of 1961 and spent many hours planning and preparing for class functions. Steve and Jan's home in both Oregon and Arizona were always a welcome stop for friends and relatives.

Janet is survived by her loving husband Stephen Hinrichs and daughter Genna Hinrichs. She is also survived by her Sisters, Judy Fochtman Barkley and Karen Fochtman Burian and many cousins. Janet was preceded in death by her Son Brett and her parents Harold and Fae Fochtman.

In Lieu of flowers the family requests that donations be made to the
American Cancer Society .

Janet will be cremated and there will be a celebration of life for Family and Friends on Saturday, July 16, 2016 at the Emerald Square Dance Center, 2095 Yolanda Ave, Springfield, Oregon from 3 to 6 P.M

Published in Eugene Register-Guard on June 5, 2016
- See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/registerguard/obituary.aspx?n=janet-s-hinrichs&pid=180223240#sthash.2XuQrhDI.dpuf


Fountain, Tom



Walterville, OR


The highlights of the last 40 years. Married for 37 years to Karen.  Teacher in Springfield grades 4-6 until retiring in 98. We have two daughters, Tiffany Haugen  married to Scott (Jerry and Jean's son), Ashley, recent graduate of U-Mass, Amherst, artist in New Orleans.  Interests  include traveling to France, Italy, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Canada and Mexico. Hobbies include golf, gardening, ping-pong and building projects.
Living in Walterville (The White House) where we spend a lot of time sitting around the pool, sipping sarsaparilla  and watching our grandson Braxton(14 months) learn to swim.  Looking forward to the festivities. (Golf sounds great.)




The following update was written by Tom's personal secretary also known as his daughter Ashley.

Tom Fountain has been busy with wife Karen redesigning and remodeling his kitchen. He has also been having fun with new grandson Adam Thomas, who turns 1 year in June. Aside from his domestic hobbies, he is devoted to mowing grass, sitting on the veranda, and watching the ducks fly by. Retirement is a full time job for Tom, who takes his leisure time seriously. Whether it's playing golf, entertaining extended family, or consulting others about their building and carpentry needs, he's not a man to sit around idle. 

Tom, first and foremost, is a great father and "Papa".  His Daughter Tiffany Haugen and son in law Scott Haugen have two beautiful sons, Braxton, 11, and Kazden, 9.  Tiffany and Scott are very successful entrepreneurs. You can learn more about their adventures at www.tiffanyhaugen.com or www.scotthaugen.com Tiffany and Scott live in Walterville with their children and travel extensively throughout the world. 

Tom's youngest daughter, Ashley LaVelle and son in law Matthew LaVelle live in Eugene.  They have a daughter Maggie, 7, and son Adam, 1.  Ashley is a Language Arts teacher at Springfield Middle School, and Matthew is the winemaker and co-owner of LaVelle Vineyards in Elmira and LaVelle Club Room in Eugene.  You can learn more about LaVelle Vineyards by visiting their website:  www.lavellevineyards.comBoth of Tom's daughters "blog" so be sure to check out their websites. 

Along with maintaining 30 acres of his own, Tom consults with Matthew and Doug LaVelle on building and carpentry projects at the winery.  During the summer he and his family attend many of the fabulous club parties there and enjoy the distinctive wine they have to offer.  

Tom's wife Karen is as beautiful as ever and he frequently tells her how lucky he is to have her by his side through all of their 47 years together! 



Fox, Arnold






Fox, John
deceased  1997




               Resided in Sutherlin, OR. 



Fox, Lyle

Bonney Lake, WA


I have one child.
I own a Engineering & Land surveying company, in Puyallup, Washington and a land development company called L & P development. I love to fish and I have a few boats and lots of rods. I go to a Nascar race once or twice a year.






Gee, 50 years have gone by fast, still hard for me to believe that I am 68 years old. My mind wants to continue doing the things I did 30 years ago maybe a little slower.  After graduation I attended OTI for a couple of year’s studying land surveying in 1972 I obtained my PLS in Washington, Oregon and Idaho and have done land surveys in all states for various clients. I married Vicky Neeley in July of 1964 and we are still married a few bumps along the road like most people have.

Our daughter Tonya was born in September of 1967; she is now my bookkeeper at the company. We have one grandson, Trevor, who is 22 years old studying film directing at community college and doing youth church work. I started my own Engineering and Surveying Company in 1981 and still president today. The economy has really slowed down our work had to lay off many good employees from 35 down to 10 today, but our work seems to be picking up slowly. In the mid 1980, I started building houses first with a partner and then my own company. I have been involved with the local builders association for 30 years, was local president of Master Builders Association of Pierce County in 1991 and the Building Industry Association of Washington State president in 2005. I started doing Land Development projects creating subdivisions for single-family homes with partners in 1994 through 2005 when the banking crisis took over.

I love to fish for Trout, Salmon and Steelhead any time I can get away, Vicky says I do too much fishing. I have a 23ft sled boat that I use once a week sometimes more. I like fishing in the rain as it is not as crowded and the fish seem to bite more often. We are headed to Odell Lake for a fishing trip June 20th through the 24th with high school friends from the class of 1962, we have remained in contact all these years, Ken & Karla Scott, Jan Copple Bartunek, Don Fairchild & new girlfriend, Nick & Cheryl Platt. Usually do a trip or two together somewhere once or twice a year.

My picture is in the back yard of our Scottsdale home we purchased with our daughter and son-in-law 5 years ago. 

I have a few hot-rods just the loud kind, 1965 mustang, 1967 Nova, 2007 Shelby, all red, still have not grown up yet! Will have to sell them in the next 20 years or so as I will grow old by then?

I also spend a lot of time on the computer have a twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

 We looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion in August!


Fox, Ronald
June 1982






Fox, Wayne



Springfield, OR


Freeman  Jones, Miriam




Marcola, OR



Fuller, Charles




Broomfield, CO


Fullerton Smith, Joyce





Springfield, OR



Ninth grade photo

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