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Daniels, Gary
deceased  1995



    Resided in Springfield, OR.


   Daughtery, Don
November 23, 2017





Yuba City, CA

  No obituary


Davenport Fletcher,



Springfield, OR



Davidson Collman, Robin









Eugene, OR








Spouse:        Merle Collman
Children:  Nancy Elizabeth (Liza) Grandchildren:  Kiwani (13); Bonnie (11); Cody (9) Sophia (3) Rachael Grandchildren:  Hannah (4) and Wyatt (8 mos.)
CURRENT ACTIVITIES:  I have worked for ACBI Collections for 14 years.  I worked for the Register Guard for 12 years delivering papers on a motor route.  I also work for Pacific Equestrian Center (PEC).  My family and I are all very involved with horses.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS:  After graduating from high school in '61, I married Danny Holt.  We lived in Eugene and Springfield and then moved to Tucson, AZ where we stayed for one year.  I moved back to Springfield and was divorced.  Worked for a year and met Merle Collman.  We married in Reno, NV and lived in Dexter for three years.  Liza was born there in '66.  Later moved to Springfield and Rachael was born there in '72.  Our family moved to Creswell where the girls grew up.  I had a horse 4-H club and the girls were also in FFA.  Liza went to the National Convention in Oklahoma City one year and met Dale Evans.  We raised Arabian horses.  We currently have Arabians and one Palomino Quarter Horse that is Rachael & my special project.  We rescued him from the meat market 1 1/2 years ago - he is now three & we are training him to ride.  Liza and Rachael both work at PEC also.  Liza trains horses and gives lessons.  All of her children ride and show horses.  The first weekend of June Kiwani won at a big Class A Arabian Show in Salem with my horse, Tio.  He was trained by Rachael.  My husband works for Wood Products Transport, Inc. driving truck.  My kids and grandchildren are the lights of my life.  Hannah's horse crazy too!  Wyatt's too young - but he's the cutest and happiest baby in the world.


Davis, Janis
April 30, 2008



last residence
Sacramento, CA



Davis, Jerold




After my discharge from the Army in 1966, I moved to California to seek my fortune.

In 1969 my new wife and I moved to Campbell California where we we raised our two children and lived for the next 34 years.  

I worked as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician over a span of approximately 34 years for both Trans World Airlines and United Airlines.  

After retiring in 2003, we moved to our home in the Sierra foothills (near the gold rush town of Sutter Creek)  overlooking the San Joaquin Valley.    

In retirement I am enjoying my one Granddaughter, Rving , off road riding my ATV  and building and flying  radio controlled airplanes.




In 2011 I lost my wife of 42 years to cancer. 

I remarried a wonderful woman who also lost her spouse to cancer after 40 years of marriage. My new wife, Mary, makes it 3 Mary Davis's in my family tree.

With our new families, we have seven grandchildren between us, ages 6 mo. to 12 years,....all girls, count em! 

We went on honeymoon to Hawaii. During the touristy stuff that we went to, the MC would

always ask the audience "are there any newly weds out there?". We got a great kick out of being a couple of grey haired seniors and raising our hands to declare our newly wed status (well one grey haired senior...she's blonde).weds out there?". We got a great kick out of being a couple of grey haired seniors and raising our hands to declare our newly wed status (well one grey haired senior...she's blonde). 

This last fall, (2015) we had the "Butte Fire" burn through our county. The fire came up the canyon wall right to our neighborhood and within 1/2 mile of our house. We were forced to evacuate and spent 6 days in our travel trailer, in an RV park where we could see the fire raging.  (Jerold lives in Pine Grove CA.)

That was an experience I could have done without.



De Rieux Gotter, Brenda




Orem, UT






Dellinger, Fred
                            Denio, NV


I retired at 56 from the Eugene Water & Electric Board. I relocated in Denio, Nevada area shortly after retiring.  Denio is 100 miles north of Winnemucca, located on the Nevada side of the Southeast Oregon border.  It has a population of about 20 people with no store.   I go to Winnemucca, the closest town, to do my shopping.  I have horses and a couple of dogs.  I keep busy helping the local ranchers with their ranch work, work cattle, team rope, etc.  Ice fishing in the winter is nice, something you couldn't do in Eugene at least.  I have 40 acres with a new place on it. I even have a natural hot springs on my property.  It is very beautiful with desert mountains all around.  I was recently divorced, so now I live by myself with my animals.  But my local friends keep me busy much of the time.  Yes, I do like living in this remote part of the world, it seems to fit my personality.  I've only had my computer for a couple of months and love having it.  Nice way to stay in touch with the rest of the world.  Well, bye for now, Fred. 


It is somewhat difficult to be succinct in describing life's unfold.  My previous bio was certainly during a time of life unraveling  for me with changes taking place so unpredictable.  Really, progression from the past has worked out well to say the least.

The cowboy and horse's life style has slipped away probably to my advantage.  The greatest positive is that I married Dorothy Naylor in 2008.  We still have our place in Denio as well as a second home in Cottage Grove.  They are opposing environments that are soothing to my fickle ways.  We live about equally in time at both places through out the year.

I still have my outdoor ways.  I like to go fishing and hunting and riding quads.  I am into watching sports like track meets and football games.  I like the challenge of the discipline it takes to further my knowledge and physical condition.  I enjoy social engagements with friends as well as strangers.  I find people interesting, a life study in itself.

I don't have any exotic plans for the future, I only strive for a consistency in doing the right pursuits for a healthy "rest of life".


Dillard, Cecil




Shasta, CA



Dobes Harvey, Sylvia





Eugene, OR



2009:   After loosing both spouses, Mike BeBout and I have become partners. We have known each other since third grade and have many friends and classmates in common.
We are very active and have many adventures that include biking, kayaking, hiking and volunteering. Biking tours in OR, ID, UT, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany have been challenging but also fun. A train trip from Amsterdam to Florence, Italy included seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It was magnificent. It must have been on my "bucket list".
We have hiked many places including Black Butte and Tam MacArthur Rim, which we led for the class campout in 2009. We were preparing to climb Mt. St. Helens. 
Over 20 Wilderness Volunteering trips have taken us to such places as a barrier island off the west coast of FL, Canyonlands in UT, Chaco Canyon National Historic site in NM, Klamath Marsh and John Day Wilderness in OR. Removing exotic and invasive plants, rolling old barb wire, pulling posts and building trails are some of the work that needs to be done to improve our country.
Looking forward to our 50th reunion.  


Dominy, Alice
Sept. 2, 1994





    Alice Dominy died Sept.2, 1994 of cancer.  She was 51.
    Alice was born Jan. 6, 1943 in Eugene to parents Morgan and Margret Dominy.  She lived in South San Francisco from 1961 until she moved to Springfield in 1986.
    Alice worked for 15 years for the Kaiser complete health Care Co. and was a member of the Wayside Open Bible Chapel in Springfield.  She taught Sunday school, and she was very involved in church activities.
    In addition to her mother, Alice is survived by four brothers, Jerry and Paul, both of Springfield, Sam of Cottage Grove and John of Eugene and two sisters, Mary Heyser of Prineville and Verda Dominy of Springfield.
“I picked beans with Alice and was always amazed at how focused she was. While some of us were messing around being kids, Alice was always the adult. I remember one day, saying to my brother, how does Alice always pick so many beans? At that very moment, a head poked through the vines and our bean boss said, ‘because she keeps her head down and butt off of the bucket and picks! Something you two should try!’ When I asked Alice why she worked so hard, she said, That’s what I am here for.”
When those of us who were the messers-a-rounders and couldn’t finish our rows on time, we would see someone on the other end of our row and yes, it would be Alice coming to our rescue!” I really liked Alice and admired her, for her work ethics and her sweet manner.  - Mike Ayers


Dow Eilers,
Diana (Dee Dee)

Springfield, OR

After graduating, got a job in the fountain of Gerlach's Drug Store (remember cherry-Cokes and green-rivers?). In 1965, married a co-worker, Kenny Eilers. Two kids (Tani & Sean) and 3 grand-kids. Our son and son-in-law own a large cabinet shop in Eugene where "Mom Eilers" works full-time as purchasing and inventory manager.


Since retirement, we seem to keep very busy, but we can’t remember actually DOING anything significant. ’Not sure if that’s a memory problem or if we just haven’t done much…But, that’s the fun of retirement.


Dubray, Larry
Oct. 18 1996


Larry DuBray  die Oct. 18, 1996 of cancer.  He was 53 and resided in Springfield.
He was born aug. 22, 1943 in Rockville, MO., to John and Fredine DuBray.  He married Lola Noble in Reno, NV on May 9, 1981.
He lived most of his life in Springfield, graduating from Thurston High School.  He served in the Army and was an engineer technician for the Soil Conservation Service for 28 years.
He was a member of the Springfield Elks Lodge, and he enjoyed camping, fishing and woodworking.
Survivors include his wife; two sons, Tim of Gardiner and Brian of Fflorence; a brother, Gary of Springfield; three sisters, Reva Jackson and Jeanne Willis, both of Springfield, and Wilma Erne of Slate Creek, Idaho; and one grandchild.


Duncan Brown, Lonna




Springfield, OR


Duckworth, Danny
 deceased  Feb. 2010




               Resided in Eugene, OR. 


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