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Salladay, Lon




Sweethome, OR


Sanborn Allen, Sally

Bend, OR



12-17-2016 from Darlene Kelly
Sally had a stroke in her right temporal lobe that left her 50% blind/disoriented in both eyes & depressed but just as lively, sharp and rabble rousing as ever.

Her outrageous  "rage against the dying of the light" commentary includes:  
She's in room 711 so why can't she get Nachos & a corn dog?  
For her birthday (Dec 10th) she demanded ice cream, cake and a Chippendale dancer.  
Can't see the heavy snow outside (she's in the "dungeon"/basement) but wants to have everybody get naked & have a snowball fight. - or at least have a food fight indoors..  

I love the way she attacks setbacks with crazy humor - sometimes that's all you have left!


The following information is from Darlene Kelly

Sally called a couple of weeks ago sounding energetic and optimistic as she plans a winter trip to Hawaii with a friend in Bend.  She lives alone (in Burns) for the most part.  She keeps contact w/ friends, daughter & family nearby and in Bend..

She has explained her blindness as a result of a stroke in the vision part of her brain. 

(Sally approved the above statement for printing.)



Sandgathe Landrum, Kay

November 26, 2011





Springfield, OR





Kay and Dean recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.


Sanne Watson, Charoliene

May 25, 2014




Eugene, OR


40 years now!
Where does time go, I won't be able to make it this time. We are expecting our fourth grandchild, a little girl, Madalynn Grace. We have eight all together, four inherited by marriage and four natural.  Six girls, two boys.  We love them all, they are the joy of our lives. As you can tell this aspect of my life is full of fun and pure joy.


 Tom Saunders

San Jose, CA






Spouse: My
Daughter: Catherine

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Took early retirement in 2000, now enjoying Tai Chi, hiking, golf, low stakes on-line poker, facebook.com/tesaunders and mismanaging our home computer network.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 50(!) YEARS: University of Oregon '65 BA Mathematics. During my data processing career (systems programming and database management), I was fortunate to work in my company's head office near Brussels, Belgium 1976-1981. Married to My Tran in 1982 and she is still putting up with me. Our daughter Catherine was born in 1984. She received her Baccalaureate in 2007 and is now pursuing a Ph.D in Psychology at U.C. Santa Barbara.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 50th.


Schley, Jim





Bothell, WA



Schnell Dykstra, Jeralyn


Cornelius, OR


CURRENT ACTIVITIES:    I work three days a week at a small software company in Beaverton (have been there since it¹s inception 6 years ago). It¹s been fun but I¹m ready for a change. I¹m hoping to quit this coming year and do volunteer work, hopefully something with environmental or ecological organizations and with the elderly. I¹m an avid gardener and also enjoy traveling, reading, movies and outdoor recreation in my spare time.
I¹m fortunate and increasingly grateful for the blessings of the past forty years. ³Highlights² include (1) having two fine children who survived and thrived despite their mother¹s mistakes;

(2) meeting and marrying a man who has been a constant support and adventurous companion.. one who asked me to join him in climbing mountains, skiing (both alpine and Nordic), backpacking, hiking and flights in his small plane--all things I may not have tried without his presence in my life; (3) building our house on 2 1/2 acres of prime view property in 1990 when the land was still affordable; (4) traveling: Europe in 1994, back East to visit Pat Page Smythe several times, vacations in Yellowstone, Yosemite, Canadian Rockies and many areas in the Northwest; (5) having the good fortune to live, work and play in this beautiful state; (6) remaining close friendships with a few SH gals who have remained a source of love, hugs and laughs throughout the years. Our weekends at the beach have been an annual highlight!

11-2006   Life is a little different for us now that we have two long-awaited grandchildren.  We are now officially one of the many who are part of the “Sandwich Generation”; sandwiched between very young grandchildren who need babysitting care and elderly parents who also need care. 

We squeeze in a weekend of rest and fun when we can.  We still do a little hiking, biking and skiing (not much) and take Don’s plane out for a flight now and then.  We continue to live in the country outside Cornelius, Oregon where I garden and occasionally check in on my guestroom/hobby room to assess how many half finished projects are awaiting me.  Two-three days a week are spent babysitting grandchildren who are my top priority right now. 


 I spend waaaaay too much time in the car, but real traveling is on my wish list.   It will have to wait until my husband at least semi-retires.   In the meantime good books, good wine, good friends and family suffice just fine.  Thanks for some special memories, classmates! 

50tth reunion??  No way!!  I’m sure it was just a couple of years ago that I was sitting in the old SHS gym with tears in my eyes, hope in my heart and dreams in my head, waiting to clutch my diploma to my gown-clad bosom and head off into the ‘FUTURE’.


FAST FORWARD 50 YEARS:  Somehow the future managed to plop me down on a hilltop overlooking Hillsboro, Oregon – with the unlikely address of Cornelius.  Cornelius???  Who knew?  My two children and Don’s two live relatively nearby and we finally were blessed with two granddaughters in 2005 and 2006.  I continue to babysit three days a week, but the girls are now four and five and soon my “Nana” role will change.  On my “free” days I spend time just catching up and gardening, etc.  I still occasionally do some, hiking, skiing, sewing, reading and a little writing for pleasure.  I belong to an awesome monthly book group and partake of the arts and entertainment Portland provides when time allows. 

I make frequent trips to Springfield to see my 92 year-old mother, my sister and brother and their families, and a few friends who live in the area.  Some of my closest friends are still the gals I hung with in high school.

My workaholic husband has not yet retired (I keep waiting) so our travel time is limited.  We have been to Europe once, to many National Parks and took our first cruise this past summer (to Alaska).  We have a travel “bucket list” and I hope we can start checking off some of those destinations before we’re too old to walk!

At the moment my health is good and I am active, so SOME days I’m tricked into believing I’m still eighteen.  Then I walk by a mirror and think “who’s THAT, and what happened to my neck!!.”

Thanks, Class of ’61 for helping make my high school years happy ones.  A Good Fiftieth to us all.


Scott Hunter, Betty





Springfield, OR


Scott Bloomquist, June      
April 3, 2009




June passed away Friday night at 11:00 pm. She went peacefully in her sleep.  June had lung cancer.

She was born Feb. 2, 1943, in Springfield to Hollis and Ruby Mapes Scott.

Blomquist graduated from Thurston High School in 1961. She worked as a manager for See’s Candies. She retired from the University of Oregon, where she was a cook.

Survivors include her life partner, Jerry Giedd; her mother, Ruby Kehoe of Florence; a son, Daren Sutton of Cottage Grove; a sister, Gretchen Runyon of Florence; a brother, Colin Scott of Sumpter; four grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

A daughter, Gina Jones, died previously.


Searles, Janet



Auburn, WA

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Limited because of diabetes.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Being foster parents, working with abused children, adoption of my children, working with people who have problems.


Sears, David
October 17, 2012

Bend, OR

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: elk hunting, annual Diamond Lake fishing trip with high school classmates (24 years), fly tying and fly fishing, spending time with family

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: US Army 66-68 tour in Germany, graduation OSU 1970 - Engineering, Engineering manager - Manufactured housing (31 years), 25 years boy scout volunteer - Silver Beaver Award, love of family activities, Oregon State victory over Notre Dame in Fiesta Bowl - GO BEAVERS!, Successful moose hunting trip in Idaho 1975.



      Married to Linda going on 46 years. Have 4 children, 11 Grand children ages 3 mo. to 14 yrs old. Two oldest 12 & 14 live here in Bend, the rest

we see a couple times a year.  Do lots of Webcamming to watch them grow up. 
      We have enjoyed living in Bend the last 34 years.  Raising family, and I working as Engineering Manager for Manufactured Housing company.
I retired End of June 2007.  I worked 3 years after, part time, customizing houses.  Enjoyed part time work but decided no work is better. There is a whole world of nothing I been catching up on.  Most traveling is visiting kids and grand kids, Idaho and Utah.
      "05" was best year.  I went to Graham Island north of  Vancouver Island BC Canada, on a company sponsored Deep sea fishing trip.  Fished for 3 days with a group of 30 people and caught the largest of group.  48# King salmon.  Then Jim Pedersen and myself went to visit Harald Lohn's fishing lodge in Ontario, Canada.  Ate, slept and fished for 4 days.  Then in Oct. went Elk hunting and shot nice five point bull Elk.  Great year, and  "Great Life".

     David Leroy Sears, 69, of Bend, OR, died October 17, 2012, with his family at his side after a five month battle with cancer.
     David, beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend to many, was born May 27, 1943, in Eugene, OR, to Raymond Louis and Blanche Louise Bier Sears.
     He grew up and attended school in Springfield, OR, graduating from Springfield High School in 1961.
     On June 28, 1965, he married Linda Lucile Best in the Salt Lake City, UT, Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In 1966, David joined the United States Army where he served for two years. He then graduated in 1970, from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science, Production Technology degree.
     David was an avid sports fan and especially enjoyed those involving his family members. He loved the OSU Beavers and wearing orange and black whenever possible.
     David was a design engineer for Fuqua Homes in Bend, OR, for 26 yrs.
     In his free time, David enjoyed hunting, fishing and spending time with family.
     David was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and served in many capacities but he especially enjoyed the time he spent as a leader in the Boy Scouts of America program. David received The Crater Lake Council Silver Beaver Award, a distinguished service award of the Boy Scouts of America.
     He is survived by his wife, Linda; daughter, Angela Jackson (Mark) of Bend, OR; daughter, Laura Smith (Nathan) of Boise, ID; son, Jonathan Sears (Heidi) of Ogden, UT; daughter, Jayna Steed (Ryan) of Provo, UT; one brother, Jerry (Jan); and one sister, Donna (Barry) Chernick; and eleven grandchildren.


Seibold Blankenship,
Janice (Jan)

Cottage Grove, OR

We are planning a cruise for our 50th anniversary.  That would be a cruise (in our own boat) of Odell Lake to fish for Kokanee.  We have three children who we are very proud of.  They all have college 
educations and good jobs.  They have families so we have eight grandchildren.  Our only regret is that they live in Arizona, Connecticut and Virginia which are all too far away to drop over for coffee.
We used to see Dave Love at the UO football games and will miss him this year.  We have season tickets so we attend most of the home games.  It was part of our game tradition to say hi to Dave who sat near us in the stadium.


Shull Antone, Janice

Springfield, OR
  2001                          2011


   The last 50 years have flown by so quickly, it's hard to remember all that has happened.   I'm now living the "single" life, and rather enjoying it.  My daughter and I have done some fun traveling, the last 10 years.  The highlight trip was to Egypt!  That was a lifelong dream, and I loved every minute of it, wish I could go back. 
   My son and his wife have blessed me with 7 grandchildren!  The oldest is 10, all the rest are 5 and under (triplets, twins and a spare).   Keeps my life busy, to say the least.
   I have several crafts that keep me busy, in the "spare"?? time.  So many things to do, and just not enough time in the day to get them all done.  
   I'm looking forward to the reunion, and  seeing my classmates again. 
   Here's to good health, and a FUN time for all...


Silano Stump, Donna

Springfield, OR







CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Working as a dental hygienist 3 days a week.

Spouse- Jerry
Children/Grandchildren  - two sons- Mark and Reece- both are married and each had two girls and  live locally. 
Current - I am still working as a Dental Hygienist as a fill in only.  I am also interested in unusual musical instruments and after several years of music lessons I now play a steel drum or it is also called a lead pan.  I play in a church band and really enjoy it.  (Steel drums are made and played in Trinidad)   
My husband has a business called Architectural Mill Work and has no plans in ever retiring.  We rent a cabin for several weeks every year on Odell Lake and have fun with our family boating and fishing. 
I am looking forward to seeing everyone again,


Sischo Tolva, Colleen


Vancouver, WA

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Care giver for 95 year old mother (Beatrice Sischo). In home music teacher, ward choir director, artist -- wife, mother, daughter, grandmother and homemaker.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Private piano, violin, organ teacher (32 years), professional accompanist, concertmistress of Salt Lake Opera Theatre Orchestra, Founder/conductor of the Northwest LDS Symphony, Composer, arranger, organist, church choir director, choir director for the dedication of the Portland, Oregon Temple, substitute school teacher, missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS, memorial counselor, artist, co-founder of Hearthglow Art and Cards, Columbia Music Store and Natural Healing Arts Clinic.




Even through trials of divorce, conquering injuries, surgeries and  illnesses, my life has been full, happy and very rewarding. 

Been married to Danial for 21 years.  Together we have 5 children, 12 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild.  I keep busy sharing my gifts and talents through music and art with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the community.  I am a missionary for the Lord.  I have  directed many church choirs, pit orchestras for plays, and continue to teach piano and violin lessons. (42 years)  I founded and directed the NW LDS Symphony, was the President of The Society of  Wash. Artists, and am a non-professional care giver and counselor to many.  Nature in all of it's glory beckons me and photography is a relaxing hobby.  I have written a few books including my own personal history.  I also love genealogy and found out that my third great grandma died at 107 years old and had 17 kids! 

Being given away at 3 years old and later adopted by my aunt & uncle, I reconnected with my birth family (3 sisters and a brother) on a trip back to Wisconsin in 2005!  That was fun!  My husband and I are active in politics and learning much.  I love our country and appreciate the freedom we still enjoy.


Simmons, Larry



Missing Classmate

may have died
January 15, 2017



Skinner, Eric


Bend, OR


CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Sharon and I love to hike, bike and explore new natural treasures that we find. We¹re great Duck fans and I¹m a golfer. We love to travel.......anywhere!
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: The sharing of 5 kids and only one granddaughter. The reuniting and marriage to Sharon Prociw for the last 18 years has been THE best ever.



Our 50th class reunion.  It is really hard to think back to 1961 but then it really seems like yesterday.  

The best is first. Sharon and I have been together for 28 years. Neither of us could ask for anything more.  My oldest son has given us a granddaughter (Misha) and grandson (Micah) Then we just found out that our shared son Brok and wife Shannon will bless us with another grandchild come November.  Sharon was shocked at first and then elated.

We retired on April Fools Day 2006.  Wow, what fun to not have to answer that bell each day. We bought a motor home just a month earlier and have been going to the Southwest each year thereafter. We are mostly in Arizona and spend about 8 months each year finding great hikes, bike rides and anything else in the outdoors to visit and follow the sun. We have been blessed to visit many Native American cliff dwellings and just saw the Wupatki(Navajo) & Homolovi(Hopi) Ruins last week (N.AZ.). They were amazing. Take time to look them up on the web and see what we mean. We have also spent much time visiting with other classmates that live in the area plus getting to know their friends in our visits. In June of 09, we bought a plot of bare land west of Tucson and hope to sell our Bend home—anyone interested just give us a call. We will then build our last resting abode

(maybe). I think I have said that one more that once but, HEY, we just keep trying to get it right. One of your new neighbors- to- be said that he works on the cheap. It was for beer, I think. Thanks Jim Pedersen cause I will need all the help I can get.

Sharon & I also greatly enjoy the annual events that have evolved from our Class of 61. The Campout, The Fishing Trip, The Ladies Gatherings and the Southwest Shindig at the Pedersen’s have been a blast as well as developing warm relationships with many of our classmates. It has been really fun! We especially enjoy when new blood joins us at these functions.

We are looking forward to seeing one and all this August. See you then!


Smith, Bob




Rock Hill  SC


Smith Bettsworth, Connie

Bend, OR



            I still live in Bend, and have for the last 34 years.  It’s just me and my 7 year old Papillon, Dolly.  I lost my husband, Scott, 13 years ago to prostate cancer.  We had 33 wonderful years together.

            My oldest daughter, Shelly Scheafer, lives in Bend with her husband Marty and their two sons.  Matthew is 14 and Andrew is 10.  Both boys are active in wakeboarding, snowboarding, skiing and football.  Shelly is a teacher at one of the elementary schools in Bend and Marty owns his own door business.
            My youngest daughter, Tracy Gosnell, lives in Killeen, Texas with her husband Jim and their four children, Scott 18, Renae 16, Ryan 13 and James 9.  They are all involved in music.  Scott plays guitar, Renae sings and plays saxophone, Ryan the drums and James the piano.  Tracy is a stay-at-home mom and very active in their church.  She is their youth pastor and great with the kids.  Jim is also a pastor, but works on Ft. Hood Army Base in charge of helicopter maintenance.

            Myself, I am retired but try to stay busy.  I enjoy reading, long walks with Dolly and time spent with friends.  My greatest joy is spending time with my grandchildren.  They keep Grandma young.

            Looking forward to seeing you at our “50th.”


Smith, Jim





Springfield, OR


Smith Mitchell, Melba

Palm Bay, FL





I like to think I live my life one day at a time but the idea that fifty years has passed by is difficult to digest. I am looking forward to the reunion in August. Since I live in Florida, I will also be visiting family that still lives in the area. My brother Red Smith and his wife Ardyce are in Eugene and spending time with my best friend Sylvia (Dobes) Harvey will complete the circle. Seeing how the area has grown and developed is always interesting.

As I said, I live and work in Florida - near Kennedy Space Center. I have been employed at the same company for more than forty years and I have no plans to retire.
I love the Florida weather, despite the occasional hurricane.
I have been married twice, but not now. I have been living with "Chuck" for more than twenty five years.
I have three children (two live here in Florida and one lives in Pennsylvania) and have a total of five grandchildren.
I haven't really accomplished anything in the last half century - just simply survived - which IS an accomplishment now that I think about it.
Looking forward to the reunion in August--


Smith Pedersen, Sharon

January 15, 2017


Kirkwood, MO



Spouse:  Gary
Children/Grandchildren:  Evan (Mary), Logan & Jill;  Liz (Koby), Claire & Caroline;  Chris (Elizabeth); Jon (Julie)
CURRENT ACTIVITIES:   Library work, writing, weekend farm.
HIGHLIGHTS OF PAST 40 YEARS:  Books, writing, obscure foreign films, finding a good psychiatrist, discovering women's history and becoming a lefty, decent, grown-up children, celebrating 50, when I stopped doing things I don't want to do, the place in the country.

Update 8-25-02: "Here's an update and request.  I would like to hear from people about gardening.   A couple mornings a week I volunteer at the Green Center, an environmental and nature study center in a park a 15 min walk from my house. I weed in the experimental prairie garden and day lily beds before it gets too hot.  I don't have a garden where I live, and love learning the prairie grasses and wild flowers, and the weeds.  I'm interested in native plants, and habitat restoration at our place in the country.  I'm new to this, it's thrilling and satisfying, and if there are any knowledgeable gardeners in the class, I'd like to hear from you. 


     Since returning from Peace Corps in spring,  2006,  my husband and I have built a "green"  house with ground source/geo-thermal heating in Kirkwood, MO. It is a small, energy efficient retirement home landscaped with native MO trees,  bushes,  flowers and grasses.  We have 10 grandchildren,  including our youngest son's adopted boy and girl twins,  born December 2007.  Our children and their families live in St. Louis,  Kansas City and Denver.   I continue to volunteer with the horticulture staff at Litzsinger Road Ecology Center restoring the native MO prairie,  woodlands and Deer Creek watershed, and dance Saturday nights with the International Folk Dance Association of St. Louis.  Since September 2010 I have been the Peace Corps Recruiter with an office at Washington University in St. Louis.  I love the job, speaking with people interested in service and doing the official interviews.  As of January 2011 twenty-five candidates,  including students from several St. Louis universities,  a young married couple and a retired woman have been nominated for Peace Corps service from St. Louis.  The woman I replaced as recruiter retired when she was 80,  so here's hoping.  Peace Corps and SHS/THS class of 1961 are sharing a 50th Reunion year!  

Sharon and her granddaughter

   I spent a few days in January, 2011 visiting family in Eugene and doing research for a writing project and discovered the Register-Guard publication, Looking Back,  Lane County,  V II:  The 1940s, '50s & '60s.   Many of you may be familiar with it already, a great book filled with photos of Eugene and Springfield from those decades.  I bought it from the Springfield Museum.  It's also in the local public libraries.  You'll see SHS cheerleaders on the Contents page cheering on the team,  and lots more.  Happy Memories.

May 2014
I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia May 7 and have  chosen not to have chemotherapy.  I send thanks to Dorothy and everyone in the SHS/THS reunion community for their friendship,  especially the good times in 2004 at Beverly Beach camp out.  I have played turkey tracks dominoes with our grandchildren for years since learning it there.  I am surrounded by goodness at this difficult time,  but thank each of you for your part in my good life. 

In a longer letter:  

Dear  family and friends,                                                              May 26, 2014
            April 14 of this year the St. Luke’s oncologist said my white blood count was so low I had almost no functioning immune system.  He emphasized then that I could die of an opportunistic infection in a few days.  That has not happened,  but I live with the possibility every day.  At diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia May 7, he sent me to a Siteman Cencer Center oncologist.  That doctor and others emphasized my best chance for survival to five years  depended on a successful stem cell transplant procedure,  including  4 – 6 months of in hospital chemotherapy and donor match.   
            According to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society  handbook,  Acute Myeloid Leukemia,  c 2011,  from the Siteman doctor’s office,  people diagnosed after age 60 have an overall 5 year relative survival rate of 5.2%.  The handbook  says once I begin chemotherapy,  which includes antibiotics for the inevitable infections,  steroids and blood transfusions,  I will experience a variety of side effects,  many permanent.  It also says the best chemotherapy outcomes for AML  include continued prophylactic chemo for the rest of the patient’s life.  Chemotherapy will make me very sick
            Although my energy continues to decline,  and AML is an aggressive blood cancer, I do not  now feel sick,  although doctors say it is inevitable.   I believe them.  I also believe I am responsible for my continued growth as a human being,  and for the quality of my life.
            At this time I have decided it is in my best interests to forego chemotherapy and continue to enjoy the health I have.  I will do what I think is reasonable to maintain my health during this decline;  I know I can change my mind,  and appreciate your support of my decision. 
            As my energies permit,  I will resume social and volunteer activities which seem reasonable and prudent.  That may not be much,  but your friendship means a great deal to me;  I look forward to enjoying as much time together as we can.  I have a good life and feel good about my decision.  Thank you for your many kindnesses, concern, love and support over these difficult past weeks.    Sharon Pedersen   


   Obituary                         Sharon L. Pedersen

Leslie Pedersen died January 15th 2017 of acute myeloid leukemia at age 73. She is survived by her husband Gary, four children: Evan (Mary), Liz (Koby Kampschroeder), Christian (Elizabeth), and Jonathan (Julie), ten grandchildren, a sister Sue Brown (Paul) and three brothers, Steven (Linda), David (Michel), and James (Lisa) Smith. She was preceded in death by her brother Dean, sister Riisa, and her parents Oscar and Delila Smith.

From the time she came to St. Louis in 1985, and for many years, she served on the board of the St. Louis Branch, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. She worked as a high school English teacher and librarian, and a public librarian. She earned degrees in English, philosophy of education and history, library science and creative writing, and the Master Gardener certificate. She served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in China, 2005-2006, and as a Peace Corps recruiter on the Washington University in St. Louis campus, 2010-2011.

She often said her retirement years since 1998 were the happiest and most satisfying in an ordinary good life. Until the leukemia diagnosis, she danced Saturday nights with International Folk Dance Association of St. Louis. She learned about native MO gardening weeding the Roger Pryor Memorial Garden at the Green Center in University City, became a Master Gardener, 2004, in the Missouri Botanical Garden program, and volunteered Tuesdays at Litzsinger Road Ecology Center. She served as a sponsor in the international Women group of the Washington University Woman's Club, welcoming young women from all over the world to her home Fridays for holiday crafts, canning parties and potlucks. She was a member of the St. Louis Chapter, Wild Ones native Plant Society, and in 2007 established her One Hundred Species yard of MO native trees, bushes, vines, grasses and wildflowers at her home, and regularly welcomed garden tour visitors. Until her illness she was an active member of Ethical Society of St. Louis. Her life was enriched by relationships with family and many dear friends and she will be greatly missed.


Sneddon, Jim
McCleary, WA







After high school, I moved to Fairbanks, AK to attend college at the University of Alaska. I married and we had two sons Curtis and Michael. After moving to Washington State, I worked for the Department of Licensing as a Driver Examiner and later became a Police Officer for the Port of Seattle Police Dept. I had a brief moment of fame there as I was one of the Officers who delivered the $200,000 ransom money to a Mr. D. B. Cooper. 
Met my wife Barbara at Sea-Tac and we have been together for 30 years now. We live in McCleary, WA a small town about 25 miles directly West of Olympia and we have one grandson, Alex 5 years old.
Barbara works for the State and I am retired from state service but still work on a on call basis conducting driver license tests for the State Dept of Licensing. I also spent a number of years driving commercial vehicles and then moved into driver safety and training. I helped  conduct the training of Commercial Driver Testers for different states and was a part of the team that developed and established the national testing program for all commercial drivers. I was the Washington State coordinator of that program until retirement.
We now enjoy traveling in our RV and take a cruise to Alaska each year to just get away and really unwind.


Snyder, Bob
1985 or 86

"I had lunch with Bob sometime in 1985 or 1986, I believe.  A few months later I called his home and Bob's wife told me that he had died, two months earlier, of a massive heart attack.  Bob was a fascinating man!  He had a Law degree and an accounting degree.  He was an arbitrator who presented and closed transportation business deals to school districts for a large bus company.  Very much a business man but still a lot of fun to be around (great sense of humor)". ... " Bob was a very articulate man who handled himself with a great deal of confidence.  Bob got over his stuttering while in College.  He was determined that if he was to become an Attorney he had to stop stuttering!" 
Mike Ayers


Snyder, Terry

Mountain View, CA




After Graduating from High School I attended Texas Tech University, and majored in Architecture.  I met my wife Phyllis, and we were married in 1965.  Eventually, I changed my major to Advertising Art and Design, and graduated in 1968.  Phyllis got her teaching degree in 1965.  We do not have any children.

 We moved to New York City the summer of 1968 where I started working as a Package Designer for a cosmetics company. I designed the packages that consumer products are in when they are put on the shelves in retail stores.  Phyllis got a great job in the in the publishing industry. 

My career advanced and I changed jobs back and forth between Graphic design, working for a Design Studio in NYC and cosmetic package design in NYC.  My best job was working for Revlon as an Art Director.  I was responsible for the ultimate design for many men's and women's product lines that many of you have purchased over our earlier years, during the1980's.  Phyllis also advanced and became a Vice President at Grune & Stratton, a subsidiary of Harcourt Brace Jovanvitch, (HBJ).  They published text and medical books and journals.

After enjoying living in NYC for about 17 years, Phyllis' job relocated us to Orlando where HBJ had just moved their corporate headquarters.  I started an Advertising business.  After about 6 years HBJ moved us to San Diego, and then almost immediately told us to move to Philadelphia.  We declined and after about a year moved to Mountain, View, CA in the center of Silicon Valley in the south Bay Area. 

 In the Bay area, I landed a great and fun job as a Creative Director in the Creative Services department for a toy company, at Galoob Toys.  I designed and directed many boy's and girl's toy lines that many of you would have seen or purchased for your kids and grand children.  Phyllis worked for McGraw Hill publishers in San Francisco. 

But after about 10 years, Galoob was bought by Hasbro in Rhode Island and my job disappeared.  Phyllis' job was sent overseas.   

I got a job working for ToysRUs.com.  The job was in New Jersey but was to be moved to San Francisco, I traveled cross-country every week for almost one year and then when the job moved to San Francisco, the website was combined with Amazon.com's web site so my job disappeared again.  Bummer.  About that time we decided that it was time to retire and move to Tucson.  We had planned for several years to retire in Tucson so we moved here in Tucson in 2005.  We are just completing building a new house.   

After living in so many places over the years is is evident that every location has it's own advantages and trade-offs.  Tucson does as well, but so does every other place I have lived, including Oregon.  Dreary sky and wet weather comes to mind, although there are many things I miss about Oregon, especially the fantastic Oregon Coast and my long-time friends. 


Spores, Carolyn





Springfield, OR


Staley, Floyd

Oakridge, OR

HIGHLIGHTS: Married Virginia, had 3 kids, bought 5 acres of property, built home, have been living there for 27 years with Virginia. Good Woman!!!!. Webelo leader for 7 years, STEP volunteer 30 years. Repropagation of high lakes with no fish.....15 new lakes now have nice trout populations. Yo-yo exhibitions, marble tournaments. Fishing: high lake fishing in a rubber raft; 8.35#Rainbow - Secrit Lake. Hunting: Rifle and bow, bow hunting you see animals while tame...good weather. Mentored several young men to maturity. Our Lord Jesus Christ is continually challenging me to serve him.

This picture was taken in January, 2011.
Promoting the new name: Lane Blood Center.
Their new logo is “Ordinary People- Extraordinary Gifts”

I worked for Timber Cutters Inc. summer of ‘61, Pope & Talbot sawmill, Oakridge for 28 years.  Note: The owl got us!  Willamette Pass Ski Pass for 16 years,  winter security Davidson Const., Willamette Hatchery (fin clipping) Retired at 62.

I keep busy with metal recycle (snitzer) fishing, hunting bow and  rifle, wood cutting, home maintenance, husband mentoring:  youth and adults, distributor for Even Pure Heaters, helping some people financially, goading USFS about road closures in our forests.

My main goal, in my remaining life, is to serve God, Jesus Christ through the guidance of our Holy Spirit.  Lately he has asked me to distribute the VCR tape “Left Behind” free to churches, businesses, and the general public in Oakridge, OR.  I have 15,000 shares in Monico Coach. NOTE:  worth .009 cents a share, Microsoft, NYL.  I still coordinate 60 volunteers and stock fingerlings  (Rainbow, cutthroat and brook trout) in back pack lakes every other July. 


Starmer, Jack

Wallowa, OR


CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Flying, hunting, fishing, camping

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Married 38 years, 4 grandchildren, A&P Aircraft mechanic, licensed pilot, certified welder, journeyman sheetmetal worker, Oregon State Mechanical Inspector. Lived and worked in various parts of the country, including Alaska.

    It’s crazy how the time has gone by.  I’ve been in Wallowa, OR. for 23 years.  I am still backpacking, hunting, fishing, camping and doing some traveling.;

     I’ve got grandkids in college at UFO and OSU.  My youngest grandchild will graduate from high school in 2 years and my oldest is getting married this summer.

     I do get to see some of our classmates occasionally at the yearly men’s fishing trips and at the class campouts. 

     I wish all of you the best!




Staven, Richard
April 21, 2002

Richard R. Staven of Pleasant Hill died April 21,2002 of complications from diabetes. He was 58.

Staven was born Nov. 16, 1943, in Superior, Wis., to Palmer and Celestine Armitage Staven.

He moved to the area in 1955 and graduated from Spring field High School in 1961. Staven attended Southern Oregon University and Oregon State University. He worked as a security guard at the federal building in Eugene, the Red Lion and the Hult Center. He enjoyed fishing, making lures, rock polishing and making gems. He was a member of the Springfield Lutheran Church.

Survivors include his mother of Pleasant Hill.


Stevens, Jack

Fleetwood, North Carolina 

After retiring as a golf professional, I started my own online golf business.  www.secure-it-tee.com
Looks? Lost them ages ago. Success? My greatest success is seeing my children grown and happy and still loving me, everything else has been a hobby.


Stewart Ashford, Deanna

Springfield, OR










Updated 12-31-08

As I travel life's road without my friend, companion and love, I find I have much to do  before my road ends.  I have family to love, new friends to enjoy, places to see. My son will be having his first Grandson in April. I hope I can go back to Missouri and hold and love this baby by next summer.
I have been training in Auricular Therapy and find it very rewarding. I will always be leaning in this field but I now have completed my training and able to help others with putting their bodies back in harmony and balance. If you would like to know more, visit my website:
I still love to read but now I read more books on Chinese Medicine than I do mysteries. I still like to sit down with my crochet needle and some yarn. Or pick up a paint brush and paint a new painting.  Sometimes watching a movie with friends and a bowl of popcorn are what I need.

When I lost my husband of nearly 20 years in 2008 to cancer, I felt as though my life was over, but then I picked myself up and made a new life for myself.

WOW! I can't believe it but life just keeps getting better. I have more on my agenda than I ever did. Now, I wonder how I ever found time to hold down a full time job. In addition to Auricular Therapy, I hold a certificate in Therapeutic Touch, I have studied and practice Emotion Code for release of past emotional blockages, and practice many other modalities.

I bought a small motorhome and got a tattoo for my 66th birthday. My Jack Russell, Scooter, and I have done a lot of traveling and have plans for a lot more.

For my 67th birthday, I flew to Las Vegas where I met my sister-in-law and we drove home in her motorhome.  We made many new friends there and along the way home. I toured most of Oregon last summer and made several trips to Lake Tahoe and Arizona.  My 68th birthday is near and I am wondering what I can do to celebrate. Maybe I will head for Branson MO to see my Grandsons and my Great Grandson. The only thing I know for sure is that it won't be bungee jumping or sky diving.


Life is always changing.  I have done a lot of traveling since the loss of my husband in 2008.  
I bought a motor home and did some traveling on my own and with my Sis. We each drove our motor homes to fun places like Lake Tahoe, (several times). I took it when I toured Oregon one summer. That was a total blast of freedom.

I met Wayne Zimmerman New Years Eve, 2010, sold my RV and we travel in his now. We have been to Cancun, Los Vegas, Alaska cruise, train trips, touring more of Oregon and next we will be flying to Northern Arizona for my birthday next month. Sedona is the high light of this trip. Along with the Grand Canyon, 

We fish at Odel Lake for two full months, June and July, every year. We catch more Kokane that we can possibly eat so we share a lot with friends and family. We enjoy many pot lucks, and breakfasts with the many friends we have there. 
Then we head for the Oregon Jamboree in Sweet Home. 

We enjoy dancing most Friday nights at the VFW in Springfield. Karaoke most Saturdays. No time to let the moss grow under our feet. 
Every time I think my life just can't get any better, it does. I am so blessed.


Stoneburner Jones, Edna

Vancouver, WA

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Facilitator of Clark County MS self help group, blood bank chairperson for IOF, Advisory council for independent living Resource Service of SWWA, Moose member, Travel, gardening, crafts, bowling again - Yeah!, fishing and trips to beach
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Married Dick Jones, 12/5/61 (eloped). Births of 2 sons, who are still a joy in our lives. The births of our 5 grandchildren that we love dearly. We love to travel, Hawaii, Las Vegas are favorite places. Have also taken numerous cruises - Alaska, Caribbean, Florida is another favorite spot. I love Key West! Canada is beautiful. Have met many friends on the internet, then in person. We all have MS. We have found there is a fun life even with a disability.

    By the way, both of our sons are married and I failed to mention their wives in first bio David is married to Tammy for 23 yrs.   They have 3 children, Andrea age 21, Daniel age19 and Matthew age15. Andrea married Alexandro Ramos in June 2004, he is in the Air Force and has already been deployed to help with Katrina and was i n Iraq. They are expecting their first child in July. We are going to be Great Grandparents!

Darin is married to Roberta, they have 2 daughters Nicole will be 17 in about a week and Amy will be 16 in July, she is hoping the baby will be born on her birthday!

Daniel is in the Marine Corps, we all flew down in November to watch his graduation. It was very different from when Dick graduated from there 45 years ago at about the same time of year. We eloped when he came home on leave.

I am no longer leading the MS Support group, I am serving as a Peer Counselor. I also am the Treasurer on the Board of Directors for Disability Resources. Dick and I still love to travel and have several trips lined up for the year starting in February.




Well I can finally see well enough to try and do this. I had cataracts removed from both eyes. I will still need glasses but that is Ok. I am still

Serving as a peer councilor for people with MS. I no longer sit on the
Disability Resources Board. I am serving on the access committee for the elections Board. That is very interesting. I will soon see well enough again to take up my crafts and start driving again.

Our sons are taking over more and more of the business so Dick and I are able to do more traveling. We have been taking a week a month and going someplace different. I really recommend the Inn at Otter Crest. Very relaxing.

Our grandchildren are all grown up. The girls are in college. Nicole is attending Multnomah Bible University, she is a junior this year and a double major. She plans on being a Minister. Amy is a sophmore at Clark Community College and is studying Graphic Arts. Andrea lives in England, her husband is currently deployed. She should be home this Tues. Along with our great grandson who is a great joy to us. He is 3 1/2 yrs old and loves to take pictures and is surprisingly good at it.

The grandsons are job hunting which is hard, Matt still lives at home and Dan lives with us for the time being.

We are enjoying life and trying to stay healthy. Looking forward to seeing everyone


Strom, David 




Foster, OR


Stuckey, Roy

Springfield, OR


        I am retired and working harder than before.  Kind of like pulling lumber on a green chain – the harder  you pull the faster they come.  PROJECTS!!!

       Not sure I will be at the reunion.  I have to check my social calendar but I can’t find the calendar.

       I have five children and ten grandkids.  Not doing a great deal on holding down the population growth.

       Not married and staying clear of that idea.    Spend a lot of time with church activities and helping others.


Sturgis, Richard





Springfield, OR


Sundahl, Nate




LaPine, OR


Swaim, Bill  

Sun City, AZ


Moved from Chehalis Wa. to Sun City in 2008, married to wife Linda for 45 years now.
 Life is good.

I don't think a trip to Oregon is going to happen this year, we went to Washington last year
but not at reunion time. Perhaps for the 60th.


Swain Walker, Barbara
October 3, 2017



  Springfield, OR


   Barbara live locally and worked in the administrative office of Oregon Courts


Swank Federick, Sherry


Missing Classmate



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