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Oakes Bristow, Mary

Fort Mill, SC



June 2014
I was so tickled to find out that we had a website, which I accidently ran across the other day. I immediately signed up for the newsletter and the very next day I received a call from Dorothy Naylor. How pleased I was to hear from her. We had a nice chat and from that chat I am sending her a bio.

My how the time has flown. The preceding years have been full. We had three daughters, lived in Washington, Virginia, New York, Texas, and California. We moved a great deal because of my husband business. Every move was an adventure and we enjoyed them all.  Eventually, ending back in Portland, Oregon where Larry passed away in 2001.

 I now live in South Carolina, I own a condo in North Carolina which my younger daughter and family are living in. I have 6 grandchildren (1 in heaven in 2001) and 2 great-grandchildren. In May, we lost a granddaughter by marriage ( who is greatly missed) to cancer. I now care for my three year old great grandson while his dad works. What a joy and handful.

Unfortunately, I missed our 40th reunion because Larry had just passed away. I missed the next, as I was planning a trip to England. If the good Lord is willing, I hope not to miss the one in 2016! I understand you have been having a yearly get together, which I would like to attend. I am planning a trip to Australia in November and I’m not sure whether I can come in July. (As you can see, I like to travel).

Hoping to hear from you, and to catch up on all your news.

My great grandson lives with me now as my granddaughter passed away and his father works, so is unable to care for him. He's five years old and a joy. I never thought I'd be raising a child again at my age. Hmmmmm!!



O'Bryant, Kay
deceased  2002



               Resided in Portland, OR. 


Osborne Hutsell, Kathy




Central Point, OR



Spouse:  Darold
Children/Grandchildren:  Jay (Stephanie) They live in Central Point & have three daughters, Bethany (6), Joelle (4) and Abbie (1½); Tammy (Jim) They live in Medford and have two girls and one boy, Crystal (10), Nate (8) and Becca (6).  It is wonderful to have them close enough to see them frequently.
CURRENT ACTIVITIES:  Spending time with the older members of my family while they are still alive to enjoy.  Spending time with grandchildren while they are still young enough that "Grandma" is still a person they want to spend time with. Enjoying my grown children & their spouses.  Caring for our home on an acre just in the city limits but with a great view of Mt. McLoughlin. Being involved with my husband in the activities of our church which will celebrate its 100th anniversary this Sept. Working 2 jobs. My full time job is Office Manager of Hope Christian Church and my part time job is bookkeeper for Ray's in Central Point.
HIGHLIGHTS OF PAST 40 YEARS:  Marrying a wonderful Christian man.  Raising two great children that are now actively involved in their churches. Living in Washington, Oregon, California, East Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Idaho during first 15 years of marriage. While we were back east we were able to visit many historical sites in DC, Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina. I loved seeing other parts of
the country, but Oregon is still my favorite place.  My parents, Wayne & Flossie Osborne, have recently moved to Central Point. Dan was minister at Thurston Christian Church while I was in high school and spoke at our Baccalaureate Service. My mother-in-law moved from Nebraska a couple of years ago & currently lives with us. She is 96 and still cares for herself & her flowers. My yard looks so much better since she moved here.
I may learn about flowers yet.

2-5-10     In July 2009, I retired from my fulltime job and went to work part time (4 hrs day 4 days per week) in October.  I enjoy keeping busy.  
    We now have seven grandchildren, 7 to 19.  One grandson and six granddaughters.
    We still live in Central Point and continue to be active in our church there.
    My latest news is that my oldest granddaughter and husband are expecting a baby the end of June.  It will be our first great grandchild.  Most days I don't feel old enough to be a great grandmother.  Our kids and grandkids are all doing great, our son had been out of work for a year.
    My previous update does need updating.  My mother-in-law lived with us for several years until she needed more care than I could give her.  She lived in Adult Foster homes until her death at 104.  My yard and flowers miss her "green thumb".  My mother came to live with us a year ago (my dad four years ago).  She still drives her car locally and is a delight to have around but she does not do flowers very well either.
    Last year my "retired" husband worked for the US Census February to August and then at Harry & David, August to January.  He currently working on his "toy", an old Ferguson tractor.  Also, last year I got a laptop at home and have enjoyed emails, Facebook & a few games.  I have also started working on taking care of myself by going to the gym at least three times a week but still have some weight to loose.  Each year we try to take a trip to a new area and last Fall we took a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana.  Wow, what a beautiful place!




2011  again
      After being the first Thurston graduate I attended Northwest Christian College and then transferred to and graduated from Puget Sound Christian College (Seattle).  I met my husband there and we were married in 1966.  We have spent the rest of our lives in full time or volunteer ministry.
        During our first few years graduate school and jobs took us to eight different states (Oregon to Tennessee) and allowed us to see and experience a lot of different places.  In 1980 we moved to Central Point where we continue to live.  We are both “retired” but working part time (Darold at Harry & David. Kathy is bookkeeper at Rays). 
        We have two children, seven grandchildren (ages 20, 18, 17, 16, 13, 11 & 9) and one great granddaughter due the end of June.  We are blessed that they all live within 10 miles and we have opportunity to see them on a regular basis.  We enjoy having my 89 year old mother living with us.  My brother, Paul, a ‘63 Thurston graduate lives near Salt Lake City but my other siblings live here in the Rogue Valley. 
        God has blessed us in so many ways and we continue to serve Him as He leads.  We enjoy our family and traveling a little.  My biggest “job” right now is trying to keep up with everyone’s schedules.  I love it!


Page Smythe, Pat


Corvallis, OR





I confess to writer's block which occurred when I read Jack Stevens' short bio.  How can anyone improve on, "my greatest success is seeing my children grown up, happy and still loving me."
   Anyway, I too, am very proud of my two daughters and am thankful they are happy, well-adjusted young women.  My one regret with leaving the East coast was not being able to bring them with me.  But I'm the Oregonian at heart-they are big city, Easterners.
    We moved to Corvallis in August of 1998 when Robert was hired to chair the Statistics Dept. at OSU-Go Beavs!  I retired from teaching and am so happy just doing volunteer work (school, church, OSU Thrift Store, mentoring younger women).  I'm also glad for the time to spend with old friends and with my 85 year old mother-who still volunteers herself!  Hobbies include birdwatching, hiking, traveling, skiing, gardening and learning our new computer.  I really look forward to the reunion and thank all those involved in planning it-particularly Dorothy's efforts at setting up this website.  I think we'll all arrive feeling much more connected than we would have otherwise.  Thanks committee!

Here’s my updated bio since we last wrote ten years ago.  First of all, I’m ten years older.  How did that happen!  I’m very grateful for good health and am reminded of that every day.  My husband Robert just retired from OSU and we are adjusting to a new rhythm of life.  This will be good; more time to travel together and when home, do some much needed work on our home and yard.  But it is an adjustment. The highlight for us this year was to celebrate our 25th anniversary.

My mom is now 95 and feeling her age.  Tires easily, but is still glad to be involved in a few things and still living in an independent living facility.  We’re lucky to have her with us. 

My daughters, Dana and Kathy, both still live in NY state and have blessed us with one granddaughter each (Natalie and Paige).  Being grandparents is yet another life adjustment.  I make three trips back East each year and love that family time.  Some summers they come West.  I’m sorry we don’t live closer, but grateful for the ability to stay in touch as often as we do.

As much as has changed in the last ten years, much has also stayed the same.  I still enjoy birding trips and travel, cross-country skiing, volunteering at the Thrift Shop, my church, and a food bank.  I love my book club, a wine making group, and my gym for old farts (Fitness Over Fifty).  Most of all, as I reflect on the changes in my life these last ten years, I realize that I’m feeling connected here in Corvallis instead of mourning the loss of my community in DC.  I’m lucky to have formed deep friendships here, to be able to see some of my dearest friends from SHS, and to still feel connected to the friends I left on the East coast.  I refer to myself as bi-coastal.  I’m truly grateful for a very full life.



Not much new to add since our updates five years ago.  Well, I take that back, Bob has a new hip.  We stay active, travel a bit, and I'm deeply
grateful for our good health.  Our daughters still live in the NY area with our two adorable granddaughters (ages 9 and 6).  I go East as often as
possible to see their families.   I'm also grateful for our loving, supportive community here in Corvallis.  Add a few get-togethers with close friends
from High School and I can truly say life is good.  Given the deaths we've had in our class, I'm very aware of how precious each day is, and I give
thanks.  I’m sorry not to be able to attend the reunion this summer.

On July 2, my brother Phil died of an apparent heart attack.  He was 4 years younger (SHS class of 1965) and living in Indiana with
his partner Dee Ryals.  I didn’t see him very often, and still can’t quite believe he’s gone.  He had a hard life in many ways, especially
after Vietnam.  His closest friend was Dave Hohenhaus (Jill’s brother). Dave and his wife were such supportive friends. 
Hug those you love and remind them that you love them. 

My “news” is that on November 29, I tripped on one of our kittens and severely injured my left foot. 2 plates, 9 screws, and 2 pins - No weight bearing until mid March. I’m getting used to crutches. I’ve been overwhelmed with the care and generosity of family and friends.

My injury has a very interesting history. It’s called “Lisfranc “ - named for Napoleon’s surgeon. He saw men who were shot off their horses and their foot stayed in the stirrup. Basically all the toes are dislocated from the foot bone. Never been in such pain!



Palanuk Ferrill, Doris






Springfield, OR


Palanuk Matson, Linda


Springfield, OR



Parkerson Cox, Charlotte








Springfield, OR

  My husband John and I have both retired.  We took a month long vacation this summer touring the Southwest.  We would like to go to AZ, or somewhere warm for a couple of weeks in the winter, but have not decided where, because we have not found a place.  We do not want to get an RV.  We would just like to purchase a small winter home or rent.  We like it in the Sedona area...although, this might be a little too expensive so we have thought about Prescott or Cottonwood.  If anyone has any ideas on housing down in the Az. area, would love to hear from you.  We have been busy remodeling our house.  It seems that never ends.  Our youngest son will be moving back to Eugene, after living in Denver for the last six years.  We are so happy about that ,because now we will have our Granddaughter, who is two, living close to us.  Four of our kids live around here and one son lives in Champaign Il.  We are expecting our 11th Grandchild the end of October.  Life seems to be treating us pretty well, we are healthy, fit and free.  Love hearing about everyone.  My favorite feature is Baumgartner's Fish Camp story every year.








Parsons, Bill
deceased  2000



               Resided in Eugene, OR. 


Pattee, Charles


Silverton, OR

I'm a CPA with my own practice and offices in Silverton and Molalla.  

I have 5 kids and 4 grand kids.


Paxton, Marvin

He was in the Navy and then the Air Force.  Now he is retired living in Oroville, CA .












     I entered the Navy right after graduation and served 4 years on destroyers and nuclear submarines.  Then I went into the Air Force, and spent 7 years on B-52’s.  By the time I retired in 1982, I had done 3 tours in Vietnam and had been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

I’m married, have 2 married daughters, and 4 grandchildren ranging in age from 4 to 12 years old.  My wife and I have traveled extensively, both in the States and overseas.  We enjoy camping and cruising.  I enjoy hunting, fishing and working on guns.


Paxton, Melvin


    Seattle, WA

         2011     Mel and his wife Sandy        Lincoln City, OR


After leaving high school I joined the U S Navy.  I was stationed on the east coast and after 3 years of applying for diving school the Navy finally offered me 1st class diving school, if I would re-enlist for 6 years.   After 36 weeks of training in Washington DC  I graduated and was assigned back on the west coast.  I served aboard a heavy repair ship, 2 years at the Naval Torpedo Station, Keyport, WA., Naval station  Adak, AK.,  and a submarine rescue vessel.  In 1973, I attended saturation diving school in San Diego, CA, after graduation I spent 3 years aboard an experimental diving ship.  During this time, I was involved in many saturation dives making dives to 300’, 500’, 850’ and the deepest to 930’.  Next I spent 3 years aboard a new submarine rescue vessel.  Aboard this ship which had two saturation dive systems I was involved in several dives to 850’.  In May of 1979, the ship went to Astoria, OR, a year before a 41’ coast guard boat sank in 300’ of water.  After several dives the boat was recovered and turned over to the coast guard.  Next I was back at Keyport, WA, where I retired in 1980.

After retiring I worked 2 summers for the US Forest Service in the Sisters, OR area.  At the end of fire season, I moved to Seattle, WA and taught commercial diving at Divers Institute of Technology.  I have worked there off and on for about 15 years.  During breaks in teaching, I worked at several nuclear power plants in the east retrofitting the strainers in the emergency cooling water tanks.  I also worked 2 jobs at the Fukushima power plant in Japan.  I finally decided I was too old (58) to dive so I went to work for a Washington dive company supervising the decompression on their helium/oxygen deep dives, working on dams in Oregon, Washington and Colorado.  My last diving related job was a trip to Warri, Nigeria training Nigerian divers in the operation of equipment they had purchased for a diving school. 

I raised 3 step daughters and have 2 step sons.  My wife, Sandy and I have 12 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.  Sandy and I bought a 38 foot sailboat, sailing off the Oregon coast, in 2001 we sailed the boat to Washington and spent the summer sailing the inland waters of British Columbia.  Sandy and I retired from our jobs in Seattle in 2006.  After retiring, we remodeled our home in Lincoln City, sold the sailboat, bought a motor home and became snowbirds for a couple of years.  In 2009, we built a cabin on property I bought before retiring from the Navy.  The cabin is in the Two Rivers North area east of Crescent Lake.   We both enjoy riding snowmobiles, ATV’s and fishing.  I have especially enjoyed getting back in touch with all the classmates at the fishing trip, campouts, reunions and the desert get together at Jim and Sandy Pedersen’s in Arizona.


Pedersen, Jim


Tucson, AZ


The past 40 years rushed by too fast.  I attended University of Southern Oregon and graduated in 1966.  Started a career with Procter and Gamble that lasted 31 Years.  Retired last year and moved my residence to Az.  We still have a home in Oregon at the base of Mt. Hood on the Sandy River.  Our son, Trent, lives down the street and keeps an eye on the place while we are in the sun.  Our daughter, Tahnee, most recently moved here to Tucson and lives just down the road.  She keeps an eye on the place here while we are in Oregon.  Grandkids ( 3- Mariah –Elijah - Anais) are the most fun things that have happened to us.  We spend as much time as possible with them.  As the old saying goes ("if I knew they were this much fun, I would have had them first").














This is an updated biography including the past 10 years or so.  I kicked around a little after high school going to the U of O for awhile before enlisting in the Navy Reserve unit in Eugene.  Went through basic training and worked for awhile before returning to school.  I graduated from Southern Oregon College in 1968.  My senior year met and married my wife Sandy.  We have been married for 43 years.  Have two grown children, Trent and Tahnee.  Out of college I went to work for Procter & Gamble and retired 11 years ago after 32 years.  We had been traveling to Tucson from our home in Southern Oregon and the Portland area for many years and decided to buy a piece of the desert.  We love it.  We still have a home in Oregon at the base of Mt. Hood on the Sandy River and return every year for a few months and visit with our son Trent and granddaughter Anais (13).  Our daughter Tahnee lives about a mile away here in Tucson with our two grandkids Mariah 16 and Elijah (13).  Best of both worlds.  We travel somewhat in our motor home with trips throughout the United States.  Most recently through the South back to North Carolina and back through New Mexico to Arizona.  We enjoy our renewed friendships with high school buds and always try to make the campouts.  We host an event here in the desert every year the last weekend of February.  Please come if you can.  We both keep pretty busy with Sandy running a non profit clothing store for the community and me with many projects.  Most recently putting together a vacation rental next door which is booked up most of the winter months.


Peetz, Jim






Beaverton, OR



Peglow, Steve
Sept.. 1978


"ONE MAN WITH COURAGE IS A MAJORITY" Thomas Jefferson (3rd US Pres.)

"Freedom begins with a choice” Steve Long (SHS Class of ‘62)

One of Steve’s greatest joys was flying as a fighter pilot


“My brother was one of the best brothers any young girl could ask for. He was always my protector.  He was caring to not only his family but also anyone he came in contact with.  He grew into an extraordinary and mindful individual at a very young age but remained very humble and caring for the world around him.  Steve enjoyed life to the fullest and felt so blessed by God for all he had been given.  It was very difficult to lose Steve at such a young age but I am forever grateful to God for giving me such a wonderful brother.”                        Donna Peglow (SHS Class of ‘65)

Steve was awarded a baseball scholarship to Willamette University in Salem, Oregon.  Steve entered WU and enrolled in ROTC in the fall of 1961. 

After College Steve joined the Air force and attended flight school at William’s Air Force Base in Mesa, Arizona.  Steve spent most of his tour of duty in Japan, earning the rank of Captain.  After the Air Force Steve enrolled in the University of Oregon Dental School.  After Dental School, Steve worked at Dentistry, but could not get flying out of his system and for that reason he joined the Oregon Air National Guard as a flight instructor. 

 Steve married his college sweetheart, Marcia in 1966.  During Dental School Steve and Marcia adopted a beautiful baby girl and named her Aime’e (correct spelling). 

During a cross-country flight from Portland, Oregon to Eglin AFB, (60 miles East of Pensacola, FL), Steve and his Co-pilot stopped to refuel at Peterson AFB (Colorado Springs, CO).  Upon take-off, for some reason that only God knows, the F-101 Voodoo Aircraft exploded.  Neither Pilot was able to eject!  September 22, 1978 is permanently etched into countless people’s hearts and minds.  Steve was laid-to-rest at Springfield Memorial Gardens beside his parents.

Steve’s OUTSTANDING attributes:

q       Steve was a man that loved the Lord and lived his faith daily

q       Steve was a man that loved his Country and served proudly

q       Steve was a gentleman - through and through - 24/7

q       Steve was a loving and caring husband and father

q       Steve was a loving and wonderful son (his untimely death had a deep and devastating impact on his parents, family and friends)

q       Steve was a caring brother to his younger brother and sister

q       Steve was a true friend and always compassionate and thoughtful

q       Steve was an accomplished scholar and a principled thinker

q       Steve was a versatile athlete, engaged in sports all year round

q       Steve was a Cub Scout (his Mother Ruth served as a Den Mother) and meetings were held in the Peglow home

q       Steve was a Boy Scout and progressed through the various levels of achievements obtaining various badges

q       Steve was intense in his feelings, his beliefs and his commitments (once in while he mixed "swords" with someone but always settled his differences retaining his friendships)

q       Steve was a dedicated worker; whether at school, in the community, at church or at the grocery store (Steve's parents, Don & Ruth owned and operated Paramount Market)

  “Anyone reflecting on Steve Peglow’s life has to smile…
Because he was just that kind of person.
Harald Lohn (SHS Class of ‘61)

 “Over 50 years ago Steve Peglow stood before a group of high school students, at a Teen Canteen gathering, and spoke about a God that died for all.  Steve spoke about the promise that God was preparing a place for him and all that believe that Jesus is the Son of God.  Steve talked openly about one day going to be with his Savior.  That evening Steve’s words fell upon the ears of as unworthy a person as anyone could be, and I have not forgotten those words and I have not forgotten Steve Peglow.”                                              Mike Ayers (THS Class of ‘61)

 “Greater love has no one than this,

that one lay down his life for his friends”

John 15:13


Be sure to read a Patriots autobiography by Steve Long (SHS Class of ’62)

Contributors for the above words are Donna Peglow, Harald Lohn and Steve Long. Compiled by Mike Ayers.


Perry, Tom




Springfield, OR




Petersen, Rich

Tucson, AZ


2005:  I lived in Springfield off and on until 1992 when I moved to the Fairview (Portland) area.  I worked off and on for our family owned auto parts business until we sold out in 1987.  Then I went to work selling cars in Cottage Grove, Eugene, Springfield, and Woodburn. During the late seventies, I worked construction for Guy F. Atkinson Company out of South San Francisco on jobs on the freeway going into Oregon City, John Day Dam on the Columbia, Lower Granite Dam on the Snake River, and several large projects in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.  

2006:  Just retired.









Still not completely retired, have several part time jobs, some time security, some time working at a cactus green house, and some time driving truck for 4 different companies (very seldom overnight, and not big trucks, but van and box type trucks). I just need something to do during the day so I don't get bored.

At night, I like to go country dancing, which I do about 3-4 nights a week, and there are lots of places to do this in Tucson, which is now my full time home. I walk about two and a half miles every morning with my dog, come back to the house and put on swim suit, and swim for about a half hour. Also two days a week I work out at a gym for about a half hour, and since getting my two new knees, I can press 600 pounds with them, and don't get tired or worn out so easy. I have also lost about a 100 pounds, and am just a new person. 

I am very busy in my church volunteering, we house the homeless men every winter, and I stay overnite with them quite often, I am an usher, and I represent our church in the Arizona Emmaus Community. It keeps me quite busy also, and that is good. I feel better now than when I was in my forties.....

Am looking forward to the reunion, and seeing all of my old friends again.  


Phillips, Bettie








I attended the University of Oregon and majored in Political Science which prepared me for absolutely nothing. After college, I moved to Fairfield, Illinois where I have lived since 1968.  Several times each year, I returned to the Springfield area to visit my parents until 1981 when both were deceased.

I married Neal Laws, Jr. in 1980 and we share our home with two Golden Retrievers. My husband is an attorney, bank director and involved in several businesses. I work full time in his law practice and have no plans for retiring.

 For fun, we have traveled a little; to Europe a few times, but mainly the U. S. and Mexico. We have spent quite a lot of time in the Florida Keys for the flats fishing.

During the 1980s and 1990s, I discovered I loved tennis and played USTA sanctioned tournaments throughout Southern Illinois, eventually becoming ranked in doubles. The highlight of my tennis career was playing on a women’s team which placed fourth in the United States. I also served as President of Southern Illinois section of the USTA and devoted a lot of time to setting up programs to promote tennis for youth. Today, I still try to play several times a week, just not competitively anymore.

I volunteered for a number of years with the American Cancer Society after my father died from bone cancer and acted as Chairman of the Wayne County, Illinois chapter.

I hope to return to Springfield for a visit some day. I enjoyed looking at the Class of 1961 website and catching up. Fifty-one years is a long time, but still it seems like only yesterday.



Piquette, Larry

January 13, 2012



Springfield, OR


Larry Piquette's wife wrote "Larry passed away of lung cancer on January 13th of 2012.  We went to the doctor on a Monday and the following Friday he passed away at home with hospice.  We didn't even know that he had lung cancer so it was quite a shock.  Larry was the love of my life and I never knew anything could hurt this bad but he went peacefully and without pain, before he passed he said she's here and I asked him who was here?  He said his mother so I know he is happy and not fighting for air anymore."


Plouse, Harry

Springfield, OR


Price, Gary




Springfield, OR


Prociw Skinner, Sharon


Bend, OR


CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Moving!! We¹re moving fools! The rewards of lasting friendships and experiencing the beauty of our country as a result of our moves is priceless. We¹ve hiked, biked, walked and driven through the extraordinary Arizona Sonora desert and Oregon¹s high desert plus varied places in between.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: The awesome experience of the birth of my daughter, Anitra, and my son, Brok, is in a category by itself titled, ³Miraculous² --the highs of all highs! Then next would no doubt be my second chance in life with my sweet man, Eric Skinner. His love and acceptance of the whole package (all three of us) has never wavered. We find each day we are given is special and precious whether its just the two of us or we are able to share it with our loved ones which makes it even more complete.






I thank you one & all for allowing me in your lives thru the cell phone and can’t wait to say “hi” & visit at our upcoming milestone event.  Whoever picked me for that task I especially extend a big hug & “thank you”.  They obviously knew what they were doing. 

Eric & I have had the privilege of rolling down this road of life since June 1983--- no regrets!  We have, in fact, moved around a bit-----with never a dull moment but, with challenges of our own.  No one is left unscathed in this life but, hey, here we are hanging together through love at 68 year young---me----tee hee (I robbed the cradle).  Anyone who knows me well understands my favorite move was to Tucson, Az. 1993-98.  And now we own a piece of Arizona west of Tucson a couple streets over from Jim & Sandy Pedersen & over the Sierrita Mts. from Jan & Steve Henrichs, a few short miles on I10 east to Rich Peterson and Terry & Phyllis Snider have a beautiful new home north & east of us.  If I missed anyone I am so sorry.

Again, and my last chance, if there is anyone out there not planning to attend the 50th  please, please reconsider.  We wish to see one & all.  YOU will be missed.

We are hoping to sell our Bend home as soon as possible------any takers out there?  We dream of building a small environmentally friendly home with the hope it is our last!!!

So, one may ask, “what are you doing moving back to Tucson when I am expecting my first grandchild from our son Brok & his wife, Shannon?”  All I can say is I absolutely love the Sonoran desert, as both my children were born there.  That is where my spirit feels at home.  But, hey, you can ask me again after November when that little one is born!!!??

In closing I want you to know we are thinking of those of you going thru deaths, sickness and the challenges this onset of our age is bringing our way.  Take care & know you are in our hearts & are loved.

 Peace & Love,


 P.S.    See “Skinner, Eric” for further news that I may have missed!


Pulliam, Mike




Alvadore, OR


Putnam, Dick


Springfield, OR

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Still working 4 days a week (Dentist), run, spend time in the mountains with mules, keep busy on the farm.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Our kids and then - the grandkids are even better - they go home at night.

12 -2010                        

Well now, lots has happened since the last time we wrote.  Dick retired in October 2009 and is really enjoying it.  Loves to go to the mountains with the mules (not Wanda).  He is also doing the garden and canning lots of the stuff.  Tomatoes, applesauce, tuna, and pie filling for a few of the things.  We also have grandkids and six great-grandkids since the last posting.  Our daughter moved to Medford four years ago so we spend some of our time traveling down I-5 to visit her and her family.  That’s about as much traveling we do.  We are both pretty much home bodies so don’t go far or often.  Wanda is quilting a lot more now that Dick is retired, as I had to spend some time doing his bookwork for the office.

We celebrated our 50th anniversary in May of this year and the kids gave us a really nice party and we were so happy to have such a grand turnout, with friends and school mates coming from here in town and from far away.  Still live on McKenzie Hwy. and still think this is the best place to live, we love the change of seasons and the mild weather and not too hot in the summer.  Both our sons and their family’s still live in the Eugene area which makes it nice.  Retirement has not been as big a change as I thought it might so that is nice.  Hope to see lots of schoolmates in August of 2011.


Quinn, Owen 
Gila Bend, Az.


Well let's see what I have been up to for the last 40 plus years. After high school .I went into the Air Force - was station in England went to Germany, Spain, and Africa. I was in for four years. After that I went to school for a while to learn a trade, as a construction Millwright and been doing that for the last 30 years. Got married and divorced two times - didn’t have any children. Worked in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Mississippi. So I have gotten to see a little of the country. Seen places that I would have not gone to.


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