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Naylor Dellinger, Dorothy


Denio, Nevada



For 21 years, I was a community college math professor and previous to that I taught 4 years in middle schools.  I have a son and a daughter.  Presently, I'm enjoying quilting and attending quilt events as well as riding on my 4-wheeler in the mountains around my home.  Besides co-authoring two algebra text books, I've edited several nonfiction books, created math online courses and created and still maintain several websites.  Actually Jan Hinrich made me feel guilty even thinking about not making this website.




During the last ten years, I left a bad situation and entered a wonderful one with Fred Dellinger.  In high school, Fred said "hi" to me once in the hall way.  One just never knows what the future holds, but for me this part has been good. 

We live in Denio, NV and Cottage Grove, Oregon which are very different locals.  One allows a person to experience silence and restfulness.  In the other, there seem to be almost too many people to visit and things to do.  It is wonderful to experience both during the year.

In retirement, I'm still doing my needlework hobbies and making and maintaining websites as you know.  What's new?  I'm finally a grandmother with two grandsons.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.


Neilson Gleason, Susan

Springfield, OR

Retired after 30 years of teaching.  
Interests: hiking, mountain biking, camping, canoeing, river rafting, writing, playing the piano, serving on boards to promote literacy and serving as a National Disaster Volunteer for the Red Cross. With the Red Cross, I have been to New Mexico, South Carolina, Montana, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Arizona, Georgia, Maine, California and New York.


Nell Croaker, Nola
June 4, 2014


Lebanon, OR



CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Decorating my home, going to and watching race cars, antiques, buying, currently going to London, England and Paris, France with my daughters on a buying trip.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Married and divorced (which is not a highlight!) Raising kids. Have been working for Lebanon Community Schools as a school bus driver for 23 years. Hope to retire in one more year.

June 4th, 2014, Nola Nell passed away of sudden cardiac arrest.  She had suffered for years from rheumatoid arthritis.  She is survived by her two daughters, Shannon Jackman, Bend, OR and Shelby Hansen, Maui, HI, along with her son Brad Hansen, Albany, OR.  She has two granddaughters, Kendall Jackman, Bend and Alexandra Hickey, Albany. 



Nelson, Darrell

Cheshire, OR


Nelson Brainard, Judy


Florence, OR



CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Family is our top priority; next comes work, which luckily, we both enjoy. For reasons of health, we moved to the coast three years ago. I continue teaching at Yolanda Elementary in Springfield, job sharing; I will retire this June with mixed feelings. I continue to own the ten acre farm on Hayden Bridge Road where I lived during high school. For recreation, we fish, kayak, crab, hike, bow hunt and participate in many tribal offerings, often including our grandchildren. We love the water and coastal environment.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: I was 1st married and began a family in 1962; I earned a B.S. & M.S. (U of O) and began teaching in '73. I celebrated my 40th birthday in Europe. I married David. Personal and family events such as weddings, births, graduations, deaths, etc.; and my water play with friends are the special moments of my life. I work for a kinder world.


Regarding the past ten years of my life, I find a smile of gratitude on my lips and feelings of strength and optimism in my heart.  Nature thrives in this semi-wilderness landscape that I call  home; David built our house on the north shore of Siltcoos Lake with lots of windows and a wood stove  . It suits us well in  our retirement as a place to experience the continual display of the cycle of life, a place where endings become beginnings. Being diagnosed as having ADD, the last three years have afforded me a clearer understanding of myself, past and present.

 My life continues to be enriched in ways that I couldn’t have imagined as a child of the “40’s and  50’s.”  I’ve learned the history of our central Oregon coast dating back 10,000 years from the research, tool-making and teaching my husband David does regarding his  tribal heritage. I feel the honor and sacrifice of  our military through my son David’s 20+

years of service; also, the first-hand meaning of being an “inter-racial family” and of “difficult-to-place adoption.”  I find the joy of Grace  in my own life and in my son Doug’s journey from self-destructing teen-ager to being a healthy, mature adult, teaching special education and coaching cross-country; helping young people succeed. I grow flowers and herbs, sew a simple quilt, write family history, and wrestle with my computer photo program. Emerson’s essays, good literature, Buddhism and The Tao, landscaping, interior design, cooking, the latest brain science: Florence has a good library, and I read.

In closing, I long to see the World reflected in a grain of sand, and I do my best to live green.

Adult children and grandchildren:David Landrum m. Yvette  (Coburg); Cesar,  15;   Zachary,  10; Dakota,  8;   Shyonna, 5  photo w/Gramma;
Doug Landrum m. Brenda  (North Bend); Breana, 24;  Alan, 21; Shea, 19
One great-grandchild: Chase,  2    and a cat named Angus.


Nevin Logan Preis, Joyce
Buena Vista, CO


CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Going to Colorado and trying to get things ready so can move to our 5 acres in a year or two. Traveling to see grandkids and kids.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Married right after high school. Had 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl. Divorced after 7 years. Enjoyed the kids growing up. Remarried after 30 years. Have 15 grandchildren (8 boys and 7 girls). Working and enjoying life and the grandchildren. Looking forward to moving to Colorado. Have been remarried for 3 1/2 years/ Just love life!

                                Joyce and her husband Eugene

    We’re still living in Colorado and loving it.  I had 3 boys (lost one of my sons Thanksgiving 2006) and 1 daughter. 
    I have 15 grandchildren and 12 great  grandkids, 3 boys and nine girls.

    We were doing a lot of cruising and swimming with the dolphins but had to stop since my husband got sick and is losing his memory.

    I came out of retirement and became manager where we live.  I’m just enjoying life,my grandkids and great-grandkids.


Newby, Robert




Peoria, AZ




   I still have most of my own hair and my own teeth.  Life has been fun.  We have seen and done a lot over the years.  I remember sitting in class my senior year wondering if we would see the year 2000.
     Current Activities: Fishing [especially for salmon], being in the outdoors.  I love history so I do a lot of reading about and exploring the United States. We are active in our local church.
     Highlights:  I spent four years in the Air Force.  We have traveled to Europe, Central and South America and the Far East.  We were able to have nine exchange students over the years and have traveled to their homes to visit their families.  I have had several interesting careers.  I worked in the industrial and cryogenic gas field for sixteen years.  Then selling medical equipment and supplies to hospitals.  Much of the work was in the operating room.  I have seen a lot of surgeries and have many stories.
     Dorothy Korop and I have been married now for thirty years and still enjoy each other.  At this time we live in the Phoenix area.










Here we are in 2011.  I kind of wondered if I would make it but we did. After looking back its amazing how much we have mellowed out. At the same time there are more mountains to climb and places to see and things to do.

We have been in Arizona now going on 14 years. We still miss Oregon but the sunshine is great. With my job I get to travel Arizona and New Mexico. This allows me to visit many historical sites. I have always enjoyed history and now able to experience many old western towns and sites.

This year as you know Oregon played for the national championship here a few miles for our house. It is amazing how many Oregon people live in Arizona. It is nice to have many professional sports teams here. We take advantage of going to the games

Both Dorothy and I love to travel so we get away often exploring new places We have also been doing some gold hunting found some but not rich yet. Bob Cox is going to bring he dredge down this winter. Maybe we can hit it big time.

Both of us have our health which does ad to the quality of life. We are trying to do our best to keep healthy. So far so good.

One interesting project that we have been doing for several years is helping with a soup kitchen in San Luis Mexico. They are feeding about 30 kids from a drug area in San Luis. Many of the children are in homes that the parents are drug dealers, others are from broken homes and just general poverty. This is poverty that we do not know in America.   For some children it is their only meal that they receive during the day. They are also helped in school and with their school supplies. This has been very rewarding and fulfilling. We have so much.

If anyone is in the area give us a call. Maybe we can get together for coffee or Iced tea.


Nice Fluke, Lynda
March 29, 2016


Boise, ID




CURRENT ACTIVITIES: I¹m still singing with a Gospel quartet. Three of us have been together for 28 years. We travel all over to do concerts. I do a lot of solo¹s for weddings and funerals. Between singing and taking care of grandkids I¹m kept pretty busy!
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: We¹ve been in Boise for over 28 years. It¹s been a wonderful place to live and raise our kids and Grandkids. I worked for West One Bank for 16 years and was the payroll manager for 5 years. Then U. S. Bank bought us out. I took a two year vacation and did a lot of traveling and playing! I¹m now working for Albertsen¹s in the payroll dept. at Corp. Headquarters here in Boise. I¹m the lead of the Florida division. It¹s quite a challenge and very stressful. I¹m looking forward to retirement! Last year we spent a week on Maui at Lahina. I even learned to SNORKEL!


Gaylan and I have lived in Boise Idaho for 38 years.  We are avid Boise State Bronco fans.  We went to the Fiesta Bowl in Jan. 2010 and watched our team win big!  What a Blast! 

We just celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary.  We have 5 children, 17 grand children (20 counting spouses) and 10 great grand children (2 born this year)  Gaylan and I both retired in 2005. 

We love to travel and have been to Oahu, Maui, Mexico, Scotland, and England, and on several cruises.  Have an apartment in our daughter’s home, so we go down to Phoenix several times a year, we love going to the spring training games, and I’ve taken up hiking!  I’ve made it to the top of three different mountains so far.  No one starts hiking when they are 67 years old!


Linda went for surgery to have tumors removed from her brain.  She had three tumors and they removed the largest one and thought that the other two could be taken care of with radiation.  It appeared that she didn’t even get out of the hospital.  It didn’t say why. The tumors were breast cancer.


Lynda Fluke went home to be with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on March 29, 2016, in Boise, Idaho. She battled
breast cancer, and won; but 2 ½ years later lost her battle with brain cancer. Lynda was born June 1, 1943, to Leroy and Halcyon Nice in Springfield, Oregon. She graduated from Springfield High in 1961. On December 19, 1969, she married the love of her life, Gaylan Fluke. They moved to Boise from Eugene, Oregon in 1973, where they raised five children. She stayed home with her children until they were in school, then worked in the banking industry and for Albertson's Corporation, taking one year off to take care of her granddaughter. She retired in 2005, and enjoyed traveling with Gaylan to Hawaii, England, Scotland, Caribbean, and throughout the United States.

Lynda loved her family and always did whatever she could for them. She was a strong Christian and her faith impacted many lives. Her name changed to "Nana" when her first grandchild was born. She enjoyed her grandchildren, teaching them to swim, having BBQ's, and sleepovers. Nana was a beautiful woman inside and out. She also had a beautiful voice and sang in a gospel quartet for 30 years. She was loved by all, and will be missed so much.
Nana is survived by her husband, Gaylan Fluke; her children, Daren (Lisa) Fluke, Leah (Jeff) Bartleson, Dena (Wayne) Hamblen, Darcy Russell, and Dagan Fluke; 19 grandchildren, and 16 great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her parents, three brothers, and granddaughter, Amanda Jo Fluke.


Nichols Cameron, Judi

Eugene, OR

Rosalynd Rae "Lynda" Fluke


Nichols Plumb, Carol


Things have been good for me and I hope good for all my classmates as well.
My husband, Robert,  and I are still married after almost 39 years and our son has given us two beautiful granddaughters--Natasha 18 and Nicole 13.
My favorite hobbies are:  Backgammon online, computers, jewelry making, Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery, about which I am currently working on a book and designing needlework patterns and learning new things in general.
When you see my picture remember:  "This smile is for you!!!"
Enjoy.  (It was taken last year.)


Niece Deal, Janet (Jani)



Moab, UT


     Hello from Moab, After 25 years of testing, Clyde and I realized that we really were right for each other and we married last June. Nothing seemed to change, although I did find myself vacuuming twice in one month. Scary! We spend our days in the garden, care taking for the critters that live there, or in prowling the desert with friends.
     I¹m still running camping trips into Canyon lands, Arches & the Escalante. The photo shows one of my favorite offices and might explain why I¹m considering pushing the local guide retirement age past the record 82.
    My resolve is strengthened after arm wrestling with my new computer. My writing time is usually spent trying to get rid of those caps on the left margin. I¹m a natural history writer, not a poet, and I¹m humiliated by my inability to think like a machine I understand that the new Nobel winner in physics also prefers a yellow pad and pen.
     My past has gone by very fast, with large blocks of happiness, but I¹m really more intrigued by future possibilities, including photography, writing and caring for my environment.
     P.S. Don¹t be alarmed if you can¹t see all the caps on the right margin. I wrestled them away from the machine...somehow. (see the memory book for more)


I retired from desert guiding in 2001 and worked in a plant nursery for several years before realizing I’d become addicted to tourists’ energy and enthusiasm.  I just don’t seem to have the knack for retirement so I still work seasonally and very part-time in the bookstore at Arches National Park.  My long-time partner and husband, Clyde, is retired so we spend time camping in  our laccolithic mountains every other week during the summer.  When it’s 105 on the desert it’s intoxicating to be tucked in a glacial cirque at 10,500 feet where it rains nearly every day.  As travelers through time (rather than space) we keep track of the mama bear with cubs and other residents of the cirque, as well as various active cracks in the ground and sliding forests.  Spring, fall and winter are the desert seasons in Canyonlands and the Escalante, so despite the house & garden, we’re really transmigratory.  This year it’s STILL snowing in the mountains so we have time to deal with Clyde’s prostate cancer before our usual camp opens up.  Obviously we’re expecting a positive outcome so we can get back to the not-quite simple life.  OOPS – forgot our transformation in the winter to dueling photographers at the computers.


Norris, Charles



Springfield, OR


Norris, Hewitt 




Clam Gulch, AK

I spent two years in Army stationed at Fairbanks. Worked at Boeing in Seattle and with the Seattle Police Dept..   Married 1968 to Jan and have now worked for the Fed Government for the past thirty-two years.
We have a son, 29 years old, married and living in Alaska and a daughter 24 years old living in Olympia Wash.  Spare time activities include riding his Harley and looking for Antiques.

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