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Ingwerson Salmons, Margaret




Florence, OR


Leonard Jacobsen
Oct. 8, 2009




last residence
Dallas. TX






Jacobson, Wayne
deceased  1992


“I remember Wayne as a quiet unassuming person that never had a lot say. When some of us rowdy guys were making fools of ourselves, Wayne was the adult in room. I remember Wayne as a kindly and very considerate person.”
My hope is that someone reading this will write a definitive bio concerning Wayne’s life, so others can benefit from knowing Wayne better.  -  Mike Ayers


Janz Forrester, Iris

Tualatin, OR




CURRENT ACTIVITIES: I work as office assistant in a residential care facility. I also spend many hours entertaining the residents by playing the piano and singing the old favorite songs.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: In My 30¹s I returned to school and received my Bachelor of Vocal Performance from the U of O. Before we left Eugene I had roles in several musical productions including ³The Sound of Music, and a role in a Eugene Opera production. Both sons are engaged and attending Port St. University. Anthony will be married June 23rd. They have asked me to sing. On June 25th Pat and I celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary.

8-30-05 August 19th we had our first grandchild. His name is Samuel. Parents are Anthony and Shannon Forrester.    He weighed 9 lbs 4 1/2 oz, and was 22 inches long.  He is, of course, the most wonderful child.  Our lucky son is taking four weeks off work to get to know his son.  He is a very hands on dad.  So nice for mommy.
    Christopher, our other son,
graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Math, and  Master’s in Education. And just started his first full-time teaching position in the Gladstone district.
    Both sons have just celebrated their 4th wedding anniversaries.
    I am working at Meritage Mortgage now, and still do musical entertainment at retirement facilities. In the last few years I  began composing music, all in the area of sacred music. 

I have a few updates to add.  The most important, of course, are the grandsons.  Logan, our 2nd grandson was born Oct 30, 2007 joining his older brother Sam.  As usual they are the most beautiful children in the world.  Sadly, their parents have divorced and the boys and their mother moved to Spokane in Jan. 2010.  We spent a lot of time traveling up there last year, though it’s not the same as having them nearby.  Their father, Anthony, moved close to us so that on their frequent visits to him it’s very convenient for visiting and babysitting!  He makes bi-weekly trips to see the boys, and they have been attending a Montessori school and really are doing beautifully.

Our son Christopher and his wife Meeghn are planning their second trip to Europe this summer.  They’ll be spending their 10th wedding anniversary in their favorite city, Venice!  Lovely!

I am semi-retired which allows great amounts of time with Sam & Logan.  (Can you tell that’s my life?)  I still do volunteer music at Assisted Living homes.  Pat is loving his work with a start-up company in business soft-ware programs.  We have also ended up joining a historic church in downtown Portland. (156 years old) Our reason for joining is their amazing ministry with the homeless, especially with young people who have ended up on the streets. I wasn’t intending to join the choir but they were in need of sopranos so there I am.  They have choir members who have been in the choir for 40 to 50 years!  It is rather a treat to be considered younger!  The present, very beautiful church, was built some 120 years ago so I constantly feel as though I am touching history.


Jaques Sabin, Joy





Prineville, OR


Jeans Church, Susan
    Lewiston, ID

Fifty Years in a nutshell

After our graduation in 1961, I attended the University of Oregon where I met and married John Church.  We moved to his home state, Idaho, where we graduated from the University of Idaho.  I graduated with a degree in education but deferred work to raise my two sons Jay and Dan.  Then I found myself divorced with two small boys during a recession. Unable to find work I attend a community college and obtained a degree in nursing.  Then I worked in our regional hospital for two years.  Finding shift work intolerable, I jumped at the opening in public health.  Adding additional courses enabled me to obtain my school nurse certificate.  I retired from public health/school nursing in 2007. 

Current Activities:  My son Jay and his beautiful wife Rachael decided it was time I had a cell phone so I could receive pictures of my only grandchild 2 year old Jake.  After celebrating an early Christmas, they returned to Boise leaving me with my new toy and the owner’s manual which   was not written for vision, hearing and memory impaired seniors. Fortunately my youngest son Dan visiting from Colorado was a patient tutor.  Other activities include searching for: keys, glasses, hearing aides, hunting and fishing licenses, or various tools belonging to myself or my significant other Dennis Diaz. 

Dennis and I joined forces eight years ago.  He helped me move my parents to Lewiston in 2006; and enabled Dad to go fishing prior to his death in 2007.  Dennis is also helping me to take care of my 90 year old mother.  With his help I am able to keep her in a condominium rather than a nursing home. 

I hope to see everyone in August but I am not sure if I will be able to attend.


Jensen Henderson, Marilyn


Tigard, OR

Spouse:  Marland
Children/Grandchildren:  4 daughters, 3 step-sons, 6 granddaughters with #7 due in July.
CURRENT ACTIVITIES:  Work full time - Medical Records Technician, gardening, walking, reading, sewing, being with family - active in church as Sunday School teacher.
HIGHTLIGHTS OF PAST 40 YEARS:  Married to 1st husband for 23 years.  He died in 1985. Remarried in 1989. Have lived in Tigard for 33 years.  Finished college in 1988, have worked for same facility since.  Did some European travel in 1970's.  Have participated with 4-H Wagon Train Summer Trek for past 10 years.  Enjoy participating in walks & exercise.

I have lived in Tigard since 1967.  We now have eight granddaughters and one grandson.  We are lucky to have all our family in the area except one son in Eugene.  I retired in 2005 and keep busy with kids and grandkids, volunteer work, church, master gardening, sewing and quilting.  I have been blessed with good health and enjoy walking, biking and yard work.  We have five chickens that keep us in fresh eggs and fertilizer.  We enjoy going to the Duck football games and look forward to the national championship game.  Marland is semi-retired from his construction work and is active in Tigard politics, being a council member.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.


After reading my comments from 2011, not much has changed except more grandkids.  We now have 14, 11 girls and 3 boys.  No grandkids married yet so no greats. 
Marland will finish his eight years as a Tigard city councilor this December.
We still have our commercial property center that we manage. We continue to enjoy good health and stay active and are greatful for that. I'm looking forward to seeing those that come to the reunion.



 Jensen, Phil
Sept. 18, 2010



Philip Curtis Jensen of Portland, formerly of Springfield, died Sept. 18 of cancer. He was 67.  
He was born March 6, 1943, in Corvallis to Curt and Hollis Hoven Jensen.
Survivors include several cousins.


Jerke Porter, Joyce

Springfield, OR

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Like to go camping and fishing in the summer. I play soft tips darts league and pool league and spoil my grandkids.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: I have worked the past 16 years at Troutman Emporium Corporate Center. I really enjoy my job. I have a new home so I¹m always working on it and in my flower beds. I crochet and work on craft things with the grandkids.


Jerke McLean, Joanne

Missoula, MT

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: I love to go boating, walking and love quilting and I like to crochet. We love to visit our grandchildren.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: I married my high school sweetheart, Doug, we have been married for 39 years. We have enjoyed traveling and fishing and camping over the years. I have been on a PTA Board, past president of Springfield Jaycee-ettes, chairman of many projects for Jaycee-ettes and school. We moved a lot when Doug was in the Navy. We lived in Springfield for 15 years before we moved to Missoula, Montana. We love it here and still go to Springfield once a year to see our family


Lavonne Jobe Watson
September 19, 2011

SUTHERLIN — LaVonne V. “Fritzy” Jobe Watson of Sutherlin, who died Sept. 19 at age 68. The family chose not to list the cause of death.

She was born Jan. 26, 1943 in Alexandria, Minn., to Walter and Elsie Raymo Jobe. She was a musician and worked in accounting.

Survivors include a son, Ted of Lane County; two daughters, Ellen Bodham of Lane County and Karen Callahan of Reedsport; three sisters, Elaine Holdridge of Snohomish, Wash., Gladys Busch of Minnesota and Lucille Holmes of Iowa; and four grandchildren.


Johnson Schamber, Linda

Eugene, OR

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Reading, Travel, Enjoying grandkids
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Married to Wayne Fox for 24 years, 2 children, lots of fun keeping up with them. They turned out great. Very proud parents. Wayne and I are still great friends. Married Larry Schamber in 1989. My soulmate. We enjoy our quiet life and look forward to our retirement years. Own a timeshare and 2 weeks vacation each year wherever! Worked as manager/cook for Eugene School District for 10 years. Now work as marketer for insurance company and three days a week babysitting my youngest granddaughter, Amanda.





Wow!  50 years!  My mind says it was just yesterday, but body – well, not so much.

     I’ve been blessed with wonderful kids and grandkids, all healthy and happy.   Haven’t done as well in marriages.  You might say I’m only a twenty year girl.  Oh well, their loss!

     I’m completely retired and my mom lives with me now so I can take care of her.  One day, I hope to travel again.  Love to drive.

Lili being born gave all of our family wonderful happiness.  Especially the women!   Five generations of girls for the second time!!  Hope to have the story in the Springfield paper.

     See you all soon!


Johnson, Glenn




Creswell, OR




Jones, Bob

Vancouver, WA

Spouse:  Gail Schwertfeger
Children/Grandchildren:  Robert (19); Elizabeth (15)

CURRENT ACTIVITIES:  5th grade public school teacher
HIGHLIGHTS OF PAST 40 YEARS:  See Bill Guemplein's bio from 1961-1970.  In 1973 I received a Master's degree in education from the U of O.  Happily married for twenty plus years.


I’m retired from public education teaching elementary/middle school. We live in Vancouver, Washington. I have two adult unmarried off-spring,
Robert F. (28) living in southern California and Elizabeth Jane (24) living in Seattle. My wife Gail and I enjoy playing golf together.  Sometimes I win.
I especially like the yearly golf outing with the ’61 Springfield High bunch. ..Baumgartner, Fountain, Linklater, Guempelein, Hollandsworth, Logan and sometimes Dellinger.


 Dec of 2010, I had quadruple by-pass surgery. I am thankful that many prayers came my way.


Jones, Dick


Vancouver, WA

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Owner of DJ Fence Service, 21 years. Owner of Willamette Reforestation, 31 years. Past President of Independent Order of Foresters, member of Moose Lodge, member of Clark County Home Builders Association. Bowing, fishing, traveling with wife Edna.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Married Edna Stoneburner in December 1961 and have had a wonderful 39 years together. The birth of our two sons who are partners in our family businesses. The birth of our grandchildren. Our travels together to Hawaii, Florida, Las Vegas, Canada. We have done a few cruises and enjoyed everyone of them. Still enjoy the get together at Diamond Lake with several of our classmates.


Jones, Gordon







Tualatin, OR







Spouse:  Beulah L.
Children/Grandchildren:  None
Highlights of the past 40 years:  1961-64, U.S.N. 2nd class
petty-officer in gunfire control. Visited Japan, Okinawa, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Philippines. 64-67, Attended and graduated from Oregon Tech. In diesel technology. Big event! Met my future wife. 67-71, Worked on sea-going tugboats as an engineer. Helped haul the pipe to Prudehoe Bay for the Alaska pipeline. Went thru the Panama Canal twice. Was in Vietnam 6 ½ months as Chief Engineer. 1968, Married Beulah L. Jones "She still puts up with me. 72-2000 Worked as a building maintenance engineer for 1st National Bank, National Property Management Systems, and PGE. Earned 7 National energy conservation awards. 2000-present, I test and maintain all fire systems for PGE, including systems at Trojan Nuclear plant. I raced motorcycles until I was 32. The pain got to be too much!   My wife and I have toured to Alaska on a motorcycle. We went to Germany in 1974 where I attended a school of high performance driving on the Nurburgring. We have won Autocross championships in 74-75. I won two Autocross championships in 87. I started racing a BMW in 88 in SCCA and have won 10 regional championships. In 99, I won the west-coast regional runoffs in two classes ITS and RS! I just competed in my first national race and came in first! I will be unable to attend the 40th reunion due to a race that weekend. I wish everyone great health and happiness.

Let's see,  Since the last reunion I have been involved with the decommissioning of Trojan Nuclear plant and Bull Run dam, the construction of Biglow Canyon wind farm and Port Westward Gas turbine plant.
I am retiring the 31st of December so I can spend more time with my hobbies- racing and restoring old cars.  I have won 8 championships since 2001 and set track records at Thunderhill, Spokane, Seattle , Mission B.C. and Portland.  I have been doing the racing out of my own pocket so I will not be racing much in the future.  My mom is still living on the farm on the McKenzie so I get up there to visit.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the 50th reunion.


On the podium in 2018.   

Great job racing in 2018.  1st place for a 70+ fellow.



        Jones Smith, Linda



Pleasant Hill, OR


My husband Ed graduated from Springfield in '59, worked for Weyerhaeuser for 25 years, and is now semi-retired at 62 years old.  We have 4 grown children and 6 grandkids, all living in the area.

Linda is working for the Oregon Department of Forestry.  She married Ed Smith and they have lived on the same property in Pleasant Hill since she was 17 and he 19.


      Jorgensen, Bob                 Turlock, CA


Picture : Sitting on the aft deck of the “Adagio”.

OSU Class of 65 – BS Food Science and Technology,  Microbiology,  & Chemical  Engineering .

 June 1966 - Married Marjorie Sawyer (SHS Class of 62, OSU Class of 66).

Sept 1965 – Sept 1971 US Army and US Army Reserve, Medical Service Corps, Captain. 

Family – Two Daughters (Sarah and Carrie), One Son (Colin), Two Granddaughters (Charlotte and Isabella). 

1992 Divorced   

1993 Married Patricia Kroemer   

Career employed in Food manufacturing industry.  Expertise in Food Law , Quality Assurance,  Food Sanitation and Safety,  research and product development, and Operations Management. Constructed and operated food  manufacturing  plants in US and abroad.  

Retired March 2009. 

Hobbies: Staying Healthy
         Trying to keep the “Adagio” (40’ ACMY) afloat in the California Delta.
         Purchasing  and refurbishing rental properties.
          Occasional trips to visit family.
          Enjoying life and liberty. 


Judish, Walter
Dec. 26, 2004




Walter Edward Judish died Dec 26 from a stroke. He was 62 years young.
      Judish was born June 23, 1942 in Rochester NY, son or Charles and Gisella Judish.   Having been raised in Springfield, he graduated from Thurston High School in 1961.  Later he moved to Northern California, but returned to the Eugene/Springfield area in 1985 to be with his family.  He was a hard worker with a good work ethic.   Most of his life was spent working in either the mill industry or tree service.  Not a year passed in which he missed hunting season.  In fact, he made it a year-round tag free sport.  Garage sales were the place to be on a Saturday day, but come Saturday night you could find him shaking his tail on the dance floor at the local Moose or Eagles lodge, both of which he was a member.  
      He was full of life and full of laughs and could always make you crack a smile.   He touched the lives of everyone and was ready to lend a hand to anyone and was ready to lend a hand to anyone who needed it, even without them asking.
      He was a man who lived by his own rules and got away with it - and if he didn't, he sure didn't let it ruin his day.  As a father, he taught his children to be mischievous and how to get themselves out of a tight spot; he also taught them how to love unconditionally.   He was a sharp-witted smooth talker, which is why the  women loved him and he loved the women (he made us write this).
      Survivors include four daughters, Tamara Pierson of Largo, Florida, Casandra Rhay, Tobi Bess and Shayleen Judish all of Eugene; three sons, Tony Bilderback of Baltimore, Maryland, Bryan Conley and Daniel Conley both of Springfield; two brothers, Carl Judish of Portland and Robert Judish of Springfield: three sisters Sharon Kintzley of Lowell, Susanne Chalker of Terrebonne, and Sharlene Lisenby of Springfield, and  14 grandchildren.   Brother Gary Judish died previously.          

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