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 Carlson, Richard




Springfield, OR

2019    Still working and dreaming of doing lots of traveling. Some dreams may never be fully realizes.
Now, I am Chairman of the board of Willamette Leadership Academy.


    Carlson, Ronald




North Bend, OR


     Carter, Kensil



Florence, OR



Castleberry Bolin, Nancy


Springfield, OR



Current Activities:   Golfing in good weather, sewing outfits for horseback riding for Lauren and Allison, reading just about anything but science fiction, gardening in good weather, visiting the grandkids in Arizona, and just enjoying retirement

Highlights of the Past 40 years:   I got married in 1961 had two children then divorced in 1975.  Married Ken in 1981 and inherited 3 more kids.  I have worked in banking since 1965 retiring from full time work with US bank in 1994.  Now I just work 2 days a week (which I am finding harder and harder to do especially in the spring and summer when it is nice outside).  We spend a lot of time at the coast at a vacation home.   Summers always include a trip to Reno.  Sometime during the year at least 1 trip to Phoenix to see my son and grandkids. 
This doesn't seem like very much but the years have been full.  Now what..








Since 2001 several things have changed in my life, besides getting older.  I have finally retired for good as of Aug. 31, 2007, and I canít remember why I wanted to work those extra years after I retired in 1994.  It must have been for the money.  I am still gardening both with flowers and vegetables.  No golfing right now because of knee problems but still lots of reading.  Still enjoying time at the coast but no trips to Reno,  guess I can go locally to gamble and lose.

     The two saddest things that have happened are that my mother, whom several of you had for a teacher, passed away in 2006, and Ken, by husband of 28 years, passed away in October of 2009.

      The best thing that I have done is to buy a house in Glendale Arizona close to my son and three grandkids, all the better to spoil them.  This way I have a place to go when the rain and fog and cold get to me.  Sun and warmth are far better.  However I still love Oregon.


Cattron Ellison, Tommye

Sunnyside, WA

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Church, Elks, Eagles, Grandparents
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Births of our children and grandchildren, High school graduation of our Grandson Jerad, Vacations and family reunions, Enjoying time with our family and friends



The last 10 years has been a new chapter in our life. 
In 2002 Tom had a aortic aneurysm and was forced to retire. This was quite a change for him.  After he got back on his feet he did real well.  He took over the household chores, had time to do things at school with the grandchildren, volunteered at church, counting money, teaching religious education, visiting the sick. We feel very blessed that he came out of this as most people aren't that fortunate.  I got very spoilt.  When I came home from work dinner was always ready and everything around the house was done.

I retired 2 years ago and now we do the volunteer work together.   We  have made a couple of trips back to Nebraska and do some  trips to Idaho to see family and our friends Bugs & Ted Kammeyer, also to Eugene to see Laura & Gary Price. We like to get together with both of these couples a few times a year.  We enjoy having them come to our home  or  meet at the beach.  We still love the Oregon Coast. We always have such a good time. 

Our kids both live close by. We have four grandchildren, we don't know what life would be like without them.  We enjoy them all so much.  The three younger ones are into sports and we try to go to all of their games.  Our oldest graduated from college and lives and works in Seattle. 

We are looking forward to celebrating our 50th  Wedding Anniversary in June.

 We are still Duck fans as is most of our family!!!


Cheshire Wayne
September 15, 2011





Wayne L. Cheshire "Papa" 69, of Prineville, passed away Thursday, September 15, 2011, while vacationing in Bandon with his family.

Wayne was born on July 28, 1942 in Eugene, Oregon to Albert & Esther (Neilsen) Cheshire.

Wayne married Sharon (Carter) Roberts on August 13, 1989 in Prineville, Oregon.

Following a long career with Les Schwab, he retired in 2008.

Wayne was a proud family man and enjoyed spending time with his many grandchildren. He enjoyed the outdoors, camping, fishing, hunting and exploring old homesteads as inspiration for his many award winning oil paintings.  Wayne had a knack for fixing anything and enjoyed many hobbies.

Anyone that knew Wayne knew him as being a warm-hearted, giving man with a wonderful sense of humor to the extent of humoring himself. He will be loved and missed greatly by all of his family and friends.

Wayne is survived by his wife, Sharon Cheshire; daughters: Tammy McAlister and Kris Butler of a previous marriage to Carolee Clark; daughters Tana Allori, Trina Fell and Tara Davis; brother, Jerry Cheshire; sister, Marilyn Gotter; 16 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews.

He's preceded in death by his parents and grandson Justin Butler (2009).



Chesterman, Betty                          2001
Springfield, OR                                  








Children/Grandchildren: Son-Richmond, Daughter-Pamela Faulkner, Stepdaugher-Tamara Oates, Stepdaughter Timinica Tellesed; Grandchildren Andrew, Caleb, McKenleye, Solomon, Bryan, Jonahe & Hadley Grace (soon-to-be-born)
CURRENT ACTIVITIES:  Time with family & friends, part-time work, reading, walking, gardening and church.
HIGHLIGHTS OF PAST 40 YEARS:  Definitely birth of children, their marriages and births of grandchildren.  Other highlights are memorable trips with family and friends - one especially fun and memorable trip was to visit a friend in the east who took me to visit long-time friend and classmate, Page (Page) Smythe. We all saw sights of Washington D. C. together.


Chesterman, Warren
Feb. 1967




        Warren passed from injuries in a motorcycle accident.


Cheatwood, Pat
 deceased  1992





Pat died from breast cancer.  She had been a nurse living in Puyallup, WA.



Clifton Pomeroy, Doris
Ferndale, WA






     I still work full time.  Iím shipping supervisor  at a lumber dry kiln mill.  Iím not married now but have a special friend in my life his name is Martin.  I have 3 daughters, 17 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren

     I live in Ferndale, Washington.  Ferndale is ten miles south of the Canadian border.  We have 5 acres and raise some chickens and goats.

     Fifty years have gone fast.  After high school I spent the first 14 years raising my girls.  Then I worked at a cedar sawmill in Bellingham, Washington.  In 1996 the mill burned down, and I went to the mill Iím at now. I drove forklift loading and unloading trucks, also doing lots of paperwork with lumber crossing the border into Canada.  You know the government likes lots of paper work.

      Besides work Iím busy keeping up with the grandkids sports.  I have spent many hours at soccer games as my granddaughter started soccer at age 6 and played school soccer on a select team winning state and on to regionalís twice. One in Las Vegas I went to, and then on to college ball.  I also have done a lot of time at basketball games with 2 playing school ball.

    Between sports, birthdays, and holidays itís another full time job.  I love to travel and Hawaii being my favorite place, but Las Vegas and Reno are close behind.  With 4 casinos within 30 minutes of my house I donít see Las Vegas much anymore.

    Iím looking forward to the 50th.  This will be my first reunion.  And I will also get to visit my brother and family as they live in Springfield.


Cloutier, Don


Eugene, OR


Spouse:  Marda
Children:  We have two children from Marda's first marriage.  T.J. and Nadia.  T.J. is a pilot in the airforce and Nadia is completing her 3rd year in dental school.
CURRENT ACTIVITIES:  Running my hearing aid company in the Lane and Douglas County area.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS:  In the 70's I received my Master's Degree in Counseling.  I worked in the hearing aid industry for the past 21 years.  I have owned my business for the last 8 years.  I got married in 1990 (my first) and I'm still happily married to Marda who is a library media specialist in the Springfield School District.

Family:   Twenty years ago I married Marda Crosley Agha and gained a stepson and stepdaughter, TJ and Naida along with their families.  In the past nine years Iíve gained a grandson and granddaughter, Jacob and Rayah.

Current Activities:   I currently own and operate Hear and Now Hearing Center with the help of my wife Marda.

We travel to different parts of the country for the business.  Since we are case buying members of several wineries in the Willamette Valley, we enjoy going on wine tasting trips.  I work out regularly at 5 am at a local sport club. I occasionally golf with my son-in-law David or with friends.

Highlights of the past 50 years:   In the 1960ís I attended SEHS for two years, but graduated from SHS (go Millers), and graduated from the UofO,

In the 70ís I spent a year in Japan representing the YMCA in Bellevue, WN.

In the 80ís I received my masterís degree in counseling from the UofO,

In 1990 I was fortunate enough to meet and marry my junior high and high school classmate, Marda  Crosley  From our marriage, I inherited a terrific family. 

With the help of Marda, I opened my own business, Hear and Now Hearing Center, in 1993 after being in the business for 10 yrs.

In 2000, I gain two grandchildren.  We participated in a Starkey Hearing Foundation Mission to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to provide hearing to disadvantaged children and adults.

Throughout the 1990ís to the present, Iíve been active in organizations related to the hearing instrument field.  I was twice the President of the Oregon Hearing Society and I am currently on their Board of Directors.  I am on the Tri-State (OR,WA, ID) Board of Directors which organizes and  present yearly classes for professional development, with dispensers attending from as far away as MT. and Canada.  I was appointed by the Governor of Oregon to serve as current Chair of Advisory Council on Hear Aids for the Oregon Health Licensing Agency


Cole, Ed
Dec., 2018




Portland, OR


Colrud, Dave

Dave *Colrud's profile photo



Combs, John




Bakersfield, CA

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Respiratory Therapist and Polysomnography Tech, Lincare Inc., Red Bluff, California
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Street Department City of Springfield 1964-1971, Youngest Street Superintendent in California 1971, Placentia, CA. Maintenance Services and Water Supt., Pine Mtn. Club, CA 1975-1980, General Engineering and Building Contractor - 1980-1993, Went to Lagos, Nigeria 1992, Worked at Whiskey PeteĻs Casino 1994, Respiratory School 1994-1995, 3 years with Lincare as Respiratory Therapist, 5 years as Sleep Tech in sleep labs in Redding and Bakersfield, 2 years US Army and 11 years US Navy Reserves


Compton, Wayne


Junction City, OR


I'm currently living and working in Springfield. No plans to retire yet maybe 2 years or so. We are in the planning stage of building a new house in Junction City. Keeping busy with work, bike riding, refinishing furniture, reading history and some gardening.

Past 40 some years: 37 years in the paper industry, worked with some of our classmates.  Married Eileen 1967, we have two fabulous daughters Shannon and Jennifer. No grandchildren yet, Eileen is hoping this will change soon.
We finally have a home computer. The operator needs some training so bear with me. 

Married Eileen 1967, soon to celebrate 44 years together. Two daughters, Shannon & Jennifer, three fabulous grandkids, Rowan 5, Tyler 3, Reese 1.  I'm really enjoying being "Grandpa".

2007 Retired from Weyerhaeuser after 41 yrs in the paper industry.  Enjoy wood working, building furniture, and gardening. Some travel to visit family.
Nov. of 2010 I was coaxed out of retirement to help restart a paper mill in Cosmopolis, WA. It's been challenging, rewarding, and fun. Training new folks that will be operating the mill.  This will put 150-200 people back to work. Hope to be back to retirement about April. 

Enjoy the Odell Lake bash each year. Be good to see everyone @ 50th.


Cook Fleck, Hazel


Hampden-Sydney, VA


CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Auditing Spanish at Centenary College of Louisiana, Teaching Medical Terminology at Centenary College of Louisiana, Co-chair Centenary College Annual Book Bazaar, Genealogy Research
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Graduation for Good Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing 1964, Entering Active Duty with the USAF 1965, USAF Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Course 1974, Marriage to Anthony J Berianto III 1975. Leaving USAF 1978, Death of Anthony 1979, Graduation from Gonzaga University 1981, Entering USA Nurse Corps Reserve 1981, Marriage to Earl Fleck 1986, Retirement from USA Nurse Corps Reserve 1992, Retirement from my Nurse Practitioner Practice 1999, Move to Shreveport LA 1999 when my husband became the Provost/Dean of the College, Centenary College of Louisiana, Birth of grandchildren, Traveling all over the world. Looking forward to retirement of my husband and moving back to Vancouver, WA where we already own our retirement home. Also, buying a trawler type boat and spending lots of time on it. There is also a lot of world left to see.


   The past ten years have been busy and very interesting.  We were in Shreveport, Louisiana ten years ago where Earl was Dean of  Centenary College of Louisiana.  In '02 he became Dean of Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, one of only three remaining all male colleges in the country.  It is the 10th oldest college as well, opening in 1775.
     We loved living in Virginia.  There is always some historical site or home to visit.  We adjusted to living in humidity, which is awful in Virginia, but worse in Louisiana.  We reluctantly left to return to Vancouver, WA in 2009 when Earl retired, and we are now living in a retirement community where we built a house in the mid-90s.  Now we are adjusting to rain and the east wind. What a difference living with a bunch of "old" people is as opposed to living on a college campus.
     We have become involved with committees here and play golf and bridge on a regular basis, but the thing we do most is travel. In the past ten years we have been to China, Tibet, Cambodia, Spain,
Gibraltar, Peru and the Galapagos, Egypt, Jordan, Holland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Albania, Montenegro, Greece, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize, Syria and Turkey.  We also spent 4 months on our boat cruising from the Chesapeake Bay up the Atlantic coast, the Hudson River and the Erie
Barge Canal to Lake Ontario and back again.  We have driven cross county twice. Next year we will spend a month in the southern parts of Africa and in January of '12 we will be going to Antarctica. I am making videos of our trips and with each one I learn something new. It is a time consuming process. I am also still very much into genealogy, which can be an all-consuming pass time if one lets it. We are blessed to still have both our mothers.  My mom was 95 in October and still lives in the little house where I grew up. My grand-  children are 16 and 14, live in Spokane and are doing wonderfully well.
      Life is good for us right now, and we are thankful.


Cooke Flexer, Carol


Bellevue, WA


Children/Grandchildren:  Julie & Marc
CURRENT ACTIVITIES:  Structural Alignment Therapist, long distance running, hiking, scuba diving, kayaking, theater, opera
HIGHLIGHTS OF PAST 40 YEARS:  Most certainly the birth and maturing of my children.  My professional growth from Recreation Therapist to Physical Therapy Assistant to Certified Aston Patterning Practitioner and countless continuing education to teaching.  My travels to New Zealand and Tibet. My work with Special Olympics and Children's Hospital Camp.


The highlights of the last ten years have certainly been the expansion of our family with the marriages of both my children.  My son-in-law, Adam, and daughter-in-law Carrie have brought wonderful new dimensions to our family.   My daughter completed her Master's in Marriage and Family Counseling and my son completed his Doctorate of Physical Therapy.  The greatest gift is we all live in the Seattle area now.  And now just this December I have the gift of my 22 month old granddaughter, Kadi, who was adopted through the foster care program by Julia and Adam.  I can now join so many of you who know that being a grandmother is just the greatest. 

As for myself I am sorry to say that I have been widowed again as my beloved was killed in an accident while flying an ultralight.  I continue my professional life as a therapist working with the emotional issues as well as the physical as a body is changed by accidents, disease, disability, age, stress.  I say I am evolving toward retirement, but then I find another class that I just must take.  Aside from my professional career, I continue to enjoy redesigning my garden, hiking and swimming for most of the year, skiing in the winter, biking in the summer, scuba on vacation and theater and dance throughout the year.  I continue to travel as much as possible with great trips to Peru ( including Machu Pichu), Galapagos Islands, Argentina, Costa Rica, Israel, Ireland,  England, Netherlands, India.  Tibet has continued to be a highlight for me and I was able to follow this last year with a trip to Bhutan.  Scuba diving with my son in Palau and Yap was also pretty special.

I am looking forward to making the 50th Reunion as I have never been able to attend in the past. 


Coontz, Clyde



Springfield, OR

     Clyde and Arlene Coontz celebrated their 50th Anniversary Oct. 3. The couple were married Oct 10, 1959 in Priest River, Idaho.They have four children, 11 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.
     He worked in the Weyerhaeuser truck shop for 25 years and owned Coontz Trucking for 24 years.   She worked at Taco Time for five years and then worked part time in her husband's trucking business.


Cooper, Wayne



Springfield, OR


Corliss, Chuck



Springfield, OR



Cornelius, Beverly

Gales Creek, OR

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: I am active in my church and helping to raise my granddaughter. She and I just started violin lessons.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: I moved away from Springfield my senior year, however still have family in area. I went into nursing and currently working part time in same hospital for 26 years. Just finished building a log home with return back to the country, a 46 year dream.




     I remain active in church, a leader in a grief share support group.  I stay actively involved with my 30+ kids that I am grandma to. The granddaughter I raised since age 12 is now a junior in college in Michigan.  Sheís wonderful! 

     My latest project of involvement is an orphanage in Uganda, sort of been on the starting of it financially and this past year collected (from church and others) cans, bottles for refund going toward books and school supplies.  So I spend several hours a week on that. ($1,051 in 2010)

     I have just moved my mother to Forest Grove after her being gone from Oregon for 25 years. She keeps me busy.

     I retired three years ago on my 65th birthday.  I wonít forget what I was doing that day!  Worked at the hospital for 33+ years.  I now enjoy my days being busy, but on my own time.

     My present husband is a retired dentist. (2 other deceased husbands)  That is where I get most of my grand and great grand kids.  I am only a grandmother now and I love being Grandma.


Counts McMahon, Linda
April 10, 2009

   Linda died April 10 of lung cancer. She was 65.

  She was born Aug. 22, 1943, in Eugene to Jennings and Nellie Hand Counts. She married   Michael A. McMahon in Longview, Wash.,
on Feb. 27, 1962.

   She graduated from Springfield High School in 1961. She was a homemaker.

Survivors include her husband; a daughter, Heather Lynn Barkman of Bend; three sons, Jeffrey of Albany, William of Oregon City and Michael of Forest Grove; a brother, Robert Counts of Phoenix, Ore.; and 11 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.


Cowles Beaubien, Beverly
June 5, 2011

Naples, FL



   I retired from State Of Michigan in 1998 after 30 years in social work.  My husband and I retired to the State of sunny Florida and live in Naples Florida, where we do a lot of boating and traveling.  We have 4 children between us, 2 boys and 2 girls all whom live out of state.  We have 3 grandchildren.  So we are kept busy trying to see them all.  
    I am sorry to miss the 40th class reunion as I would have enjoyed seeing everyone after all these years.  But if anyone ever gets down in Florida, give us a call, we would be happy to show you around Naples.



I currently live in central Florida in a community called Ocala (its about 60 miles of Orlando)

My husband and I live in a Del Webb golfing community called Stone Creek.  We have lived here for about 2 1/2 years.  And love it. 

About the time we moved here I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer (non smoking kind) and its been and up and down fight but I am still here and so far so good, I have kept it stable. I have been lucky enough to have good health ins. good drugs and a good dr.  I try to stay healthy and positive as that is part of fighting this terrible disease.  I feel no pity I just move forward, I feel blessed as my husband and I retired about 15 years ago and were able to do a lot of traveling and enjoyed the retirement life prior to getting this illness.  We still manage a few mini trips. 

We have 4 adult children,1 living in Florida, 2 living in Georgia and 1 in Houston Texas.  We have 3 grandchildren, 1 that graduated from U of Texas last spring, 1 attending U of Georgia, and a grandson that is a senior in high school.  We even have 1 3 year old great grandson. 

I hope to make it to the 50 year reunion this summer if my health holds up, but if I don't make it I wish you all much success and I know you all will have a great time seeing everyone.


Cox, Bob









McMinnville, OR








Current activities.   Running,  playing racket ball two nights a week in a league, playing some tournaments, fishing and crabbing with Carol, gardening, raising 28 quail and biking.  Snowshoe to or cabin on some old gold mining property above Blue River occasionally, making sure the roof is ok.  Volunteer as a certified Ombudsman for senior services in a residential
care facility in McMinnville.
     After high school attended Ore Tech for two terms. Joined  the Air Force in Aug 62.  Returned to Oregon and attended U of O from 66-69.  Received a BS in Hlth Ed. Married Carol in June 67.  Moved to Iowa and worked for the Health Dept.  In Sept 73 attended East Tenn State U and received a MS in Env Health.  A few months later I took a direct commission in the army and worked in the Preventive Med field. Traveled to Tx, Ca, Tx again. Ga, Berlin West Germany, and Maryland.  I was able to take an inter branch transfer to the US Public Health Service in Sept 1983 and was transferred to Miami with the Coast Guard. for five years.  Inspected cruise ships for two years and then I found an assignment with the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Wash DC. for eight years. Filled a slot as the first industrial hygienist for the Prison system at the Central Office.  Travel to the other 90 prisons off and on conducting technical assistance visits.  Took an opportunity at the Sheridan Or prison and a year later retired.  A year later went to work as a Health Compliance Officer for OR OSHA.  After two years retired again. Somewhere in there my wife of 34 years raised two boys and two girls.  Christine who is an electrical eng, in the Public Health Service. Bobby, civil eng who now is a marine pilot, Allen, Air Force Para Rescue and combat control, Karen is a home maker in McMinnville.
    Carol worked as a RN in between here and there and we are now both just enjoying our boat and  motor home traveling mainly in Oregon. Anxious to see everyone.

Update 9-1-02: Presently working at Boise State University working as an OSHA Consultant for Safety and Health for small business throughout the State.



In Sept of 02, my last correspondence, I had just started a new job with Idaho OSHA that was after a two year break from Oregon OSHA.  I told Carol that after two retirements and two years between jobs this would most likely be my last employment.  I was right.  In Sept 04 I retired for good.

The last 9 years have been very good to me.  Carol and I have been fishing a few lakes in Oregon and we have been having a ball at our cabin up above Blue River Reservoir.  I still have our mining property and had a new cabin built in the Summer of 09. Snow did the other cabin in.  It was a bear moving all the materials down the trail by atv, all 6,000 lbs.  It is 16 ft by 20 ft with a loft and has a Gabriel Roof to ward off the snow. I built a sky bridge from the loft over the upper window so I could get a nice view and keep an eye on all of the animals. Added wiring for a generator last year.  It was worth all the work.  Now I enjoy the wood fired hot tub, humming birds and chipmunks.  I even do a little mining. We have big mining plans for this summer. I have an ATV with snow tracks so I can visit during snow periods. The Forest Service keeps a close eye on me since I have the only cabin in the Willamette National Forrest. Our nieces
had a great time fishing for chipmunks.  We tied peanuts to a string and stick dragging them all over the place.

Last winter we traveled to Arizona.  We will be staying at the Happy Trails Resort in Surprise, AZ this Jan- Apr. I will be prospecting with the AZ Road Runner Prospecting

                              My new cabin picture

Association.  Carol and I enjoyed rock hounding and fishing the Colorado River by the Yuma Marine Corps Recreation Facility.  Carol has been very busy making her own style of jewelry and silver smithing.  We are also doing yoga almost every morning.   We did pick up a sufficient amount of rocks while in Az.  During the early spring months we comb the Oregon Beaches for agates which Carol uses for making jewelry.

I have been very active playing in pickleball and racquetball torments.  I have been playing in two or three a year.  In 2011 my partner and I won the World Senior Doubles in Racquetball.  The tourney was in Burnaby Canada.  In 2012 the tourney will be held in Honduras.  This June I will be traveling to Santa Fe for the doubles tourney and then Oct on to St George to play pickleball and racquetball in the World Senior Games, maybe I can work in table tennis too.  Nov. I will be participating in the military racquetball retired and active duty championships.  Competition is set up in 5 year increments. I am competing in the 65-69 age group but can't wait for the 70-75 when I will be the young bull in the woods again!   I was picked up by a local sponsor last year which was pretty exciting at my age.  I hand out fibromyalgia wrist bracelets and wear his Official Fibromyalgia shirt in tournaments.  Pretty tough job.

The four kids are doing great.  Christine is an Electrical Engineer employed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. She is a Commissioned US Public Health Service Officer with the rank of Lt Commander.  She will be retiring with 20 years service in  Oct 2011.  Bobby is a Civil Engineer and completed 10 years flying the Cobra Helicopter with the Marines He is now flying several air frames with home land security in Bellingham, Washington.  Allen was in the Air Force as a pararescueman and also served as a  Combat Controller. Allen has been working in security overseas with Blackwater.  Between contracts he has taken a yoga trainer certification course in India, a certification driving course in Taiwan for tour operators. Allen has also taught English as a second language in China and recently received his undergraduate degree in economics.  Karen is happily married and is a housewife in Dayton, Oregon.

We are anxiously awaiting the warmer weather so we can do an extended stay at the cabin, pick huckleberries along with all of the other wild berries.   Of course we are looking forward to the reunion.

I wish you all health, happiness, and spiritual awareness.


Cox Ehret, Sharon
July 15, 2001





Crabb Richards, Lila





Christmas Valley, OR



Cross, Daryl

Springfield, OR





Spouse name:  Marian
Children:  Michael Cross, Theron Cross
Current Activities:  Working on retirement home at Crescent Lake Junction. spending almost all weekends there.
Highlights:  Getting married to my wife, Marian and having 2 great sons. Michael is a computer support technician for ATT and lives in Beaverton, Oregon.  Theron was drum major during his senior year at SHS in 1995 and will be returning to school to become a civil engineer.  He got married April 29, 2001.
Life has been great.

Things don't always go the way you think they will.  Retired from Monaco Coach in 2008 and needed something to do so I did volunteer work with DHS for a while. Oldest son Mike lives in Providence, R.I. and works for Cox  Communication. No kids from him.  Other son Theron lives in Seattle with his wife Jennifer and our only grandchild Ethan.  Theron is a teacher of physics and math at Kirkland Prep School, and Jennifer is a librarian at a private high school in Seattle.  We still have the home at Crescent Lake and try to spend some time up there.  I will start volunteer work with the Springfield police dept. in about 1 -2 weeks. I just had back surgery in November and it went really well no pain at all now.  We found out the end of May my wife has cancer of the brain and the lungs.  Lungs seem to be clear now, but having trouble getting it all in the brain.  Still hoping they can control it.


Crowe, David





Lake Oswego, OR





CURRENT ACTIVITIES:  While I continue to engage in some Executive Search and Recruiting work, my primary interest is in the development of Restore America, a non profit project directed toward the Christian Community nationwide.  The web site www.restoreamerica.org tells the story. We have two sons, Taylor (30) and Stephen (27).  Taylor is married to a wonderful Irish gal, lives in Sarasota, Florida and has his own construction business.  No children yet and I keep telling him I am not getting any younger!  Stephen, our youngest, is still single, a terrific athlete, handsome, and wending his way through his twenties with the most aggressive female generation I have ever seen!  So far....well, we won't go into all that!  Merrily works retail at Meier and Frank, is a people person through and through and has had to put up with three men in her life for going on 35 years.  I am not sure how she has done it, but our hat is off to her. 
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS:  Running track at the University of Oregon; Meeting and Courting my wife (Merrily Utz) at Arrowhead Springs with Campus Crusade for Christ; Serving as a Naval Officer during Viet Nam; Young Life Staff for two years in the Bay Area; The birth of our two sons; Seminary in Texas; Raising our family in Bend, Oregon; Hunting and Fishing trips together; Running the Honolulu Marathon, twice; the second time with Merrily; trips to the Russian Far East and Europe; Visiting our nation's historic sites; traveling the state and organizing political campaigns; a weekly Christian men's fellowship and accountability group; and certainly not least, seeing God extend His Grace toward me,  my family, and others, daily.   


David Crowe is the Founder and Director of Restore America, a Christian ministry dedicated to the restoration of America as a nation ďUnder God.Ē

An ordained minister, writer, speaker, and a former congressional district chairman in the Oregon Republican Party, he speaks and writes frequently on our Christian Heritage and duty to participate responsibly in civil government and the elective process.

After receiving his Bachelorís Degree from the University of Oregon in Political Science, David served two tours of duty to Vietnam as a commissioned officer in the United States Navy. Upon fulfilling his military obligation, he served as Area Director for Young Life in Northern California and later completed four years of postgraduate theological study at Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas.

He founded David Crowe Associates in 1979, a multi-discipline consulting firm specializing in executive search, career and political counsel. He has managed statewide and congressional campaigns for candidates seeking public office and participated in Oregonís successful effort to preserve traditional marriage.

As a member of the Arlington Group he travels frequently to Washington D.C. on issues of moral, fiscal, and national security and has spoken to audiences as large as 2000 people. e

Born in Eugne, Oregon and graduating from Springfield High School, David has two adult sons, four grandchildren, and currently lives in Tennessee with Merrily, his wife of forty three years.


Merrily and I have been married 48 years as of last September.  Our two sons are married and well, with two healthy children each. Stephen, our youngest and Lindsey his wife and two children live just a quarter mile down the country road from us so we get to see Caeden (9) and Carley (8) several times a week.  I expect them anytime today to stay over night with grampa.  Merrily is in Florida attending her step motherís estate along with her 5 brothers and sisters and getting the property ready for sale. She lived on Siesta Key.  Merrily is staying with our oldest Son Taylor and his family, Mandy his wife and Leah (7) and Dean (4) who also live in Sarasota. 

We drove down to Sarasota on December 17th for the Memorial service for Merrilyís step mother on the 20th and stayed with Taylor and family through Christmas and New years.  I drove home on the 4th and have been Ďcatching upí since. 

Not a lot exciting here.  Merrily went to England with her sister on a tour of English Gardens and Castles but not before getting a pacemaker inserted for her Afib.

 I had open heart surgery last August and am healing well and getting strength back that had waned a lot in the last 5 years.

 I am ready to semi retire, spending time with my grandchildren and Merrily, and writing for Restore America.  Time to enjoy family and prepare for the future.


Curtis, Lee




Hood River, OR




I don't know if any of you remember me as I only went to school at Maple 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade and the last half of the 7th at Springfield Junior High.  I graduated from Wy' East High School in the Hood River Valley in 1961.  I did the U.S. Army for 3 years, tried Alaska for a few months in a logging camp then back to Hood River.
   My wife and I were married in 1966 and have 2 girls and 1 boy, 8 grandchildren and one more due in august 2002.  We're still working toward retirement can't wait for that day.  (The public sometimes is very demanding.)  We have a small motel, RV park, and a laundromat which keeps us very busy most of the time.  We take separate vacations as one of us has to be here.
   I see that Frank Tester and I have the same hobby collecting coco-cola and other soda memorabilia.  I do see Bill Guempelein every two-three years and I would sure like to hear from anyone and if you travel through the Columbia River Gorge, stop and see us.
My wife and I have three children ages 49, 43 and 40 years old. We also have 10 grand children so we spend a lot of time going to sports events and watching. My wife does the airplane trips with the Red Hat gals and I do mine driving with a friend of mine to various places. I really do miss the old days and the fun we had riding bikes, playing marbles, flag football and all the rest. I looked through My 56 annual from S.J.H. and some of the people who wrote in it such as Russ Harris, Darlene Hollister, Jim Varney , Brendu De Rieux, Daryl Cross, Chiaro Dezio, Bill Guempelien, John Hales, Beverly Cowles, Owen Quinn, Fred Dellinger, Linda Carpenter , Byron Brown, Marie Bates and several others. I guess my point all this I surely would have had a good time if only I could have stayed in Springfield but then I would have missed out on what I have now. I hope to see some of you in August.     


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