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Arneson Curtis, Bev



Eugene, Oregon





Ayers, Joe


Missing Classmate




Last known address - Salem, Oregon circa 2000.


Ayers, Mike       
Myrtle Creek, OR





 Live in the Myrtle Creek area (AKA Larry, Darrell and Daryl’s-ville). Myrtle Creek is much like Springfield when we were growing up… more Oakies and Arkies then trees, and there aren’t many branches on a lot of family trees!  No doubt that is why I fit in so well?  Even granny drives a 4-wheel drive rig!  Anything and everything within 40 feet of the yellow-zipper is fair game and makes great sport for demolition. 

My wife Leslie and our 14-year old granddaughter/daughter live on the South Umpqua River.  There is something special about living on a river. Of course there are certain dangers that go along with river life such as a 15’ rise in 24 hours!  We enjoy the fauna that inhabit and migrate through the area.  Skunks and Porcupines are troublesome at times!  Raccoons and squirrels are abundant and the Beavers are welcome as long as they stay down on the riverbank!  We particularly enjoy the Fox, Otters, Ducks, Geese, Teals and Humming Birds.  We have had one Hummer, name is Delilah, stay year-round for at least 3 years! 

NON-Drivel:  There are two Biographies you need to read: (1) Steve Peglow’s Biography (SHS Class of 1961) and (2) Steve Long’s Autobiography (SHS Class of 1962).  These two American heroes are extraordinary examples of Patriotism, Dedication and Honor. They both sacrificed and paid the price for the freedoms we take pleasure from daily.


Leslie and I still live on the River.  I have retired 3 different times!  Thinking about making this retirement stick (?).  I don’t know how I ever had time to get an 8 to 10 hour-a-day job in.
Our granddaughter/daughter is 19 and married to a hardworking young man.  We miss her but we really “enjoy our time” together.  Leslie is still teaching BUT is seriously thinking about retiring.  We hope to finish our 25 year home improvement sometime this year.  I have accelerated projects during the last 2 years as I am not getting any younger!  Have you noticed that pain has become a constant companion?  I put a new foundation, new plumbing under the house, built 2 decks (one covered), built a Patio and installed one of Costco’s Metal Gazebos. 
The Lord has been very good to us… We are blessed!  Hope you are doing well.


Ball, Tom

Clackamas OR


I have lived in Clackamas, Oregon, a part of Portland for the past 11 years.   I work for Clackamas County as a Plumbing Inspector.   I still have approximately  5 years to go till I retire, but I still enjoy my work and dealing with people.   I have two children and two grandchildren. 

Well the last 50 years have gone fast. After high School I became a plumber. My first wife and I moved to Grand Island Nebraska in 1967 for two years where I worked as a plumber. Our first child, Todd Jerome (our Cornhusker), 6/14/1968 was born there.  Our second child Teresa Lynn came to us November 30 /1970 in Springfield Oregon. One of 3 duck fan’s.

I then stayed in the trade until 1987. I then found out I had a problem with Alcohol.

I need to thank some of our 1961 class mates who came to let me know I had some friends and a loving god that cared for me vary much and that help gave me a will to live.

In 1989 I went to work for Clackamas County as a plumbing Inspector out of Oregon City Oregon, until I retired in December of 2003. Sense then my new wife Iris and I have put 130,000   miles on our Ford PU and 5th wheel. We have gone to the bottom of the Baja  Mexico. It took 3 months. Lot’s to see and do.

Before I retired we took a 1 month trip to Fiji to a little village called Buca Village on the north end of the second largest Island in Fiji. With my third wife Iris and approximately 30 other church members from Oregon City built a church. The Islanders were so nice to be with  and I would love to go back.

Sense then our travel’s have taken us all across the US, Thailand Zimbabwe, Africa, China, Singapore, Hong Cong, Vietnam. Jordan, Oman and Dubai, This March Iris and I are leaving on a cruse from Fort Lauderdale Florida to Spain, stopping at 7 islands and Portugal. After Barcelona Spain we disembark in Genoa Spain. Then we go from South Italy to Rome, see the city and head home.

The Springfield/Thurston Camp out and the winter meeting in Tucson have also brought a bunch of us together and also give’s me a great thing to look forward to.


Barber Langdon, Judy




Springfield, OR


Barnes Jordan, Judy
deceased  2002




                 Judy died in a car accident.  She was residing in Venicia, CA.


Barnes, Lola


Missing Classmate



Barnhart Roper, Kay
Springfield, OR


I attended grade school in Springfield and moved away in the 5th grade.   My senior year I moved back to Springfield and graduated from Springfield High School in 1961.

I married Jim Roper in 1961 after graduation.  We have two children a son, Barry and a daughter, Darla.  We also, have 7 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

I retired from Lane County Public Works in 1997 where I worked as an Administrative Assistant for 21 years.

After retiring we spent 6 winters in Arizona where we bought a place.  When the great grandchildren started coming we sold our place, and have been spending our winters at home.  We don’t like missing out on the little ones as they grow up so fast.

I enjoy scrapbooking, card making, reading and sewing.  I also, enjoy spending time with my family.

Summer and fall is spent in the mountains.  We have a cabin in the mountains and love spending time over there.  Winter finds us back home in Springfield.   


Barnhart Keer, Kitty




Vancouver, WA


Barnhart Gotter, Lela





Wilsonville, OR


         Ashland and Creswell, OR
Barnts, Dennis
Oct. 8, 2007

HIGHLIGHTS FOR THE PAST 40 YEARS: Service with US Marines. Marriage to my friend and wife. Birth and adoption of our sons. Death of oldest son, after a three year battle with cancer. Tour of five states by motorcycle. Professional challenges of operations for city utilities as Public Works Supt. Last, but not least, retirement, learning to sail and building another life.

2007:    Dennis died Oct. 8 of brain cancer. He was 64.  He was born July 20, 1943, in Cheyenne, Wyo., to Ben and Harriet Barnts Barnts. He married Eunice Kimball on July 11, 1964, in Trent.  He studied for three years at Southern Oregon University and served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1961 to 1967.  Barnts worked at Ashland Water Department and was public works superintendent for the city of Ashland for 33 years.
Survivors include his wife; two sons, Brandon of Los Angeles and Bobby of Seattle; and a brother, Clint of Eugene. A son, Kevin Barnts, died previously.

From Jan Fochtman Hinrichs:    Several of our class were at the service.  Mainly speakers from family and friends.  Eunice was the first speaker.  I don't know how she did it but she did a fine job.  She spoke of Dennis's strong feelings about certain things and how at first she interpreted him as being a harsh unyielding person but later found he just had really strong feelings and beliefs.  She also spoke of his gentleness and love for young children.  He loved to read and volunteered weekly at a neighborhood school to read to children.  Nieces and nephews spoke of his huge size but also of kindness and his kind eyes.  Both sons spoke.  Bobby, the adopted son, spoke of himself being the real test for his dad.  He said there were two rules in the house, No earrings and no hair coloring.  He did both.  He said he first got a little clip on earring to just try it out on his dad.  Bobby was laying on the couch when Dennis came home from work.  Bobby didn't even think Dennis had looked his way but soon the earring was on the floor and Bobby was running the other way.  John Hales got up and spoke of Dennis and he in high school.  Dennis had an old brown car and wanted it to have a cool rake job so every month or so they would hoist up the car and put a piece of lumber over the springs in the back to make the car go down in the front.  The board would only last about a month and then it would break so they kept having to put in a new board.


Bates Logan, Carol

Shoreline, WA


CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Retired from social work . Play lots of golf and travel when I can.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Continues to be two daughters and now their spouses and the fact that Merwin and I will finally be grandparents in May.

2009    I am still living in the Seattle area.  Continue to enjoy retirement.  Merwin, his wife Karen, and I now have two grandkids, Claire who is turning 8 this month and Max who will be 5 in May. 
My social life continues to revolve around golf and my golfing friends..  I welcome classmates to give me a call when they visit Seattle... no more beautiful city on a sunny day.  I am always up for a game of golf. 



2011   Little has changed since moving to the Seattle area.  Fortunately, good health allows me to enjoy and play golf with my friends, travel, and spend time with my grandchildren. 


  Bates Tawfik, Marie
Oct.12, 2006

Also known as Olive Marie Bates
had been living in San Jose, CA.


Batey Van Hooten, Shirley
July 17, 2016



Springfield, OR



     I am unmarried at this time and footloose and fancy free.
     I have 3 children, a son and 2 daughters, and 5 grandchildren, 3 girls and 2 boys.
     I have worked for BiMart for 20 1/2 years but now just work 2 days a week.  I'm trying to cut back but really like my job.
     I have lived in the Eugene-Springfield area for most of my life with the exception of 1 1/2 years in the Portland area.
     My excitement 3 years ago was giving information to the police about a man that acted strangely and turned out to be the "Waddling Bandit".   He had robbed about 30 banks in the prior years.   It was exciting.


1942 - 2016

Shirley VanHouten went peacefully home to be with the Lord on July 16, 2016. She had a beautiful spirit, and was truly our angel, here on Earth. She loved the Lord Jesus, her Savior.

Shirley was born in Springfield, Oregon, and attended Maple Elementary, and Springfield Junior High and High Schools.

She was preceded in death by her parents, and her siblings: Jessie, Leroy, Doy Lee (Dee), and Patricia (Trish).

Shirley was a loving, kind, and generous lady, who loved her family with her whole heart. Spending time with her family brought her the greatest joy, and we were all her most precious treasures.

Shirley retired after 20+ years of working at BiMart, where she was adored by many for her excellent customer service, and always had a warm, friendly smile, and kind words to share. She was a dedicated, hard worker, always working earnestly and exhaustively to provide for her family.

Shirley is survived by her children: Chris, and son-in-law Brad; Teresa, and son-in-law Mark; Jeff, and daughter-in-law Shannon; as well as by her grandchildren: Kyle, Krystle, Karissa, Shawnii, and Colton; great-grandsons: Brayden and Sora; sister-in-law Sandy; aunts: Norma Dean, and Ruby Jean; as well as by cousins, and many dear friends.

At her request, no memorial service will be held. She will remain in the hearts of all whose lives she touched, and she will always be remembered, loved, and deeply missed.

"A miraculously healed body lasts for a lifetime. A miraculously healed soul lasts for eternity." Janette Oke.

There is a love that transcends time and space. It echoes sweetly in our memories. It shines softly in our lives. It lives tenderly in our hearts? forever.



Baumgartner, Jim



Eugene, OR






     After graduation I thought I would be an architiect, but the Uof O said NO WAY??  They had no sense of humor!!   I started in the car business and have been at it every since.
     I married Sally in 1963 and have been fortunate  that she did have a sense of humor !!!!!
      We have one son Jamie,  his wife Paige and two grand daughters , Jane age 12 and Sally age 10.  They are in Thousand Oaks, California.
     Our oldest daughter Jodie, her husband Ike and two grand sons, Ben age 5 and Sam age 2. Fortunately for us they are in Eugene.
     Our youngest daughter Shawn, her husband Joe and two more grand sons, Jordan age 11 and Jared age 9. They are in Bend.
     With all the activities of the kids and grandkids, we stay awfully busy.   Fortunately I still find time for some things that I like to do such as traveling, golf, gardening, OREGON athletics, fishing, wood working, working on our class reunion, spending time with good friends and about any other fun things you can think of.
     I will be looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion?????

     Well, here we are at the half century mark!!!!   I am not as smart as the rest of you because I still go to work every day!!!!    My wife and partner of 48 years, Sally, has encouraged and helped enable me to enjoy a rich and rewarding lifestyle!!!!!!!!!!!!   
     Fortunately, I have had the time to indulge myself with gardening, woodworking, OREGON athletics, working on the class reunions, the class fishing trip, the class golf outings, to travel the US and visit over thirty countries throughout the world!!!!   We have had a ton of fun and learned much about people of the world!!!
     Our son, Jamie, and his wife Paige live on Bainbridge Island in Washington.   Their oldest, Jane, is a graduate of Western Washington and their youngest, Sally, is a junior there.    
     Our oldest daughter, Jodie, and her husband, Ike, are, fortunately for us, in Eugene.    Their son, Ben, is a junior at Sheldon HS and son, Sam, is a 7th grader at Monroe Middle school.
     Our youngest daughter, Shawn, and her husband, Joe, are Bend residents.   Their oldest son, Jordan, attends UO and their youngest, Jared, has graduated from Summit HS and is tramping around Europe somewhere before he decides what's next for him.
     With the activities of our children and grand children, spread out as they are, we stay busy attending their various activities.   Wouldn't have it any other way!!!!!


Beagle, Paxton
Nov. 9, 2007

       Paxton Day Beagle, 65, of Ontario, formerly of Springfield, died Nov. 9, 2007.

“Paxton was a kick-in-the-pants! We rode the school bus together and it seems that I laughed all the way to his stop. Remember when Paxton got his middle finger broke? I asked him how it happened? Paxton said that he was running along Thurston road when a car passed and yelled-out some profanities. Paxton, in a kindly gesture flipped them-off! Well, it seems that the guys in the car didn’t take kindly to that. The car turned around and a large guy got out of the car and asked Paxton if indeed he had flipped him off? Paxton being fairly honest said yes but before he could justify his gesture, he found himself lying in the ditch with a broken finger!”  -  Mike Ayers



Beagle, Quita




Kelso, WA



Bean, Al


Longview, WA


Bebout, Mike

Eugene. OR

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Locomotive Engineer - two years till retirement if all goes well. ....Bicycling, swimming, hiking, canoeing, X-C skiing
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Married at 20. Divorced at 28. Single parent for the next 13 years. Remarried at 41. Most of the best times come after 40 on wilderness trips, backpacking or canoeing. A parachute jump was another memorable experience. Chasing down a purse snatcher at age 50 (he was 18) made all the hours in the gym and on the trail really worth it.

Since my wife Donna died of Ovarian cancer in 2002, I've hooked up with Sylvia Dobes Harvey and we have been together since then.

I retired from the Union Pacific RR in April of 2003 after 40 years of driving locomotives and herding trains around Oregon.

In the summer of 2003 Sylvia and I did 3 long bicycle rides in CA, ID and OR.

We have been to Europe 4 times over the last 5 years for bicycling vacations.

We have been to FL and the SW 7 of the last 8 years while volunteering at State and/or National Parks.

In 2008 we biked and hiked in Mexico's Copper Canyon area. In 2009 we made it to the top of Mt. St. Helens along with some cycling in ID and OR.

In 2010 we went to Europe via Goose Bay, Labrador. We visited with Dick and Wanda Putnam's former exchange student  in Finland where we were treated like royalty. From there we traveled by ferry and rail to Bremen, Germany where we met our bicycle tour group for a two week tour to Amsterdam.


Mike & Sylvia in Copper Canyon Mexico


Befus Skiles, Sharon



Junction City, OR



Bell Johnson, Jessie




         Jessie resided in Florence, OR.



Bell, Joe





Eugene, OR


Bennett Brown,
Mary Jane
February 11, 2013






Lebanon, OR  







Benninger, Harry
June 5, 2000


Harry Everett Benninger of Harrisburg died June 5, 2000 at age 58.  His family chose not to give the cause of death.
He was born Oct. 8, 1941, in Eugene to Cecil and Elizabeth Donley Benninger.  He had lived in the area his entire life.
He grew up in Springfield and graduated from Springfield High School in 1961.  He worked for Weyerhaeuser Co. for more than 38 years, starting as a choker setter.  In 1994, he was promoted to truck boss after working as a truck driver and a mechanic in the truck shop,
He enjoyed hunting, fishing, riding all-terrain vehicles, and the outdoors.  He was a member of the Elks Lodge.
Survivors include his mother, who lives in Harrisburg; two brothers, Jim of Harrisburg and John of Springfield.  a son Gary, died previously.


Berg Roush, Gladys





Springfield, OR



Bjerke Williams, Linda





Eugene, OR


Blankenship, Jack
Cottage Grove, OR


We are planning a cruise for our 50th anniversary.  That would be a cruise (in our own boat) of Odell Lake to fish for Kokanee.  We have three children who we are very proud of.  They all have college 
educations and good jobs.  They have families so we have eight grandchildren.  Our only regret is that they live in Arizona, Connecticut and Virginia which are all too far away to drop over for coffee.
We used to see Dave Love at the UO football games and will miss him this year.  We have season tickets so we attend most of the home games.  It was part of our game tradition to say hi to Dave who sat near us in the stadium.


Lyles Blowers
deceased  2010



  Lyle was born on March 10, 1942 and passed away on Monday, April 26, 2010.
  Lyle was last known to be living in Concho, Arizona.

  From Facebook:     I am 67 and I have lung cancer stage 4.  
  I  have 4 horses like to walk and hunt and fish hopefully many yrs.


Boatright Babb, Paula

Eugene, OR

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: I¹m involved in several volunteer activities. My leisure time is filled with gardening, reading and golfing. We are enjoying traveling.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Continuing many of the friendships I had while in school. We have shared many of life¹s passages and it always gives me comfort when we get together. We have been traveling more and have seen several of the seven wonders of the world. Last year we went to Egypt. It was a thrill to see the Pyramids and to travel on the Nile River.


I followed a somewhat traditional route after high school.  I went to college, received a teaching degree and then got married and subsequently divorced.  When I remarried, I retired from teaching and became a stay at home mom.  During this time I discovered my love of volunteering, which continues today.

Now in my 60's I have a new career.  My husband died four years ago and I took over managing our sand and gravel and construction companies.  It has been a challenge and I wish I had paid more attention in my math and physical science classes.  Even so, I enjoy the challenge.  When not working I spend my time traveling.

I am lucky in that my family is healthy.  I have a five year old granddaughter who keeps me happy and entertained.  I've been fortunate having my school friends still in my life.  Even with us scattered all over, we manage to keep in contact.  There is truly nothing like old friends.

At this point I am able to say life is good


Bogart, Doug

Lakeview, OR


I have been in Lakeview since1971. My brother and sister-in-law (Rosela Thompson Bogart) and I owned a department store here. A few years back, due to health reasons, we sold it and I have been  an assistant manager of a grocery store.  I love the  hi-country and I am busy all the time rock hunting, fishing and hunting which I had to give up a few years back.  I do some saw painting but past year not a lot.  I'm evolved in Saint Patrick's Parish here and being a small town everyone knows everyone.  It is kinda nice, (mmm most times)  I hope to be able to come in August but I will have to wait till the time comes.      
Warmest Regards to all.


Bolt, Jim



       Spray, OR




Brainard, David

Florence, OR

CURRENT EVENTS: Family is our top priority; next comes work, which luckily, we both enjoy. For reasons of health, we moved to the coast three years ago. I took leave from the Carpenters Union. I built our house on Siltcoos Lake, finished a B.S. in anthropology (U of O) and am serving my tribe (Coos) on our Council and through cultural projects.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: I attended the U of O, taking 3+ years of math in the 60¹s. I trained to be a carpenter and earned 1st place in the Oregon State Carpenters Completion Contest, 1974. I worked as a carpenter foreman for many years, along with building a house and cabin. Met Judi and married. I graduated from the U of O in 2000; the same year I sold my first artifact replica, a leister spear, to the Forest Service at Reedsport.


Bray David
Ocean Park, WA 


Graduation to USAF for 4 years as Aircraft Mechanic and Flight Engineer. Back to Springfield.   

Electrical apprentice to journeyman wireman to supervisor electrician. All of this to raise two 
boys and girl. My oldest son's daughters now attend Thurston schools.
 Haven't wandered far from the old home town, LaPine, Portland, and now Ocean Park, Wa. 
My wife Pat and I built a nice Chalet in the woods by the ocean when I retired from the trade.
My retirement was going well when I was volunteering at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center  
at nearby Cape Disappointment State Park. Then I was ask to temporarily fill in a maintenance  
position. That was 2 1/2 years ago.  So here I am working again.

For fun: Snowmobiling, Dirt Biking, Water Skiing, Boating and Boat Shows, Camping, Hunting,
Fishing, Travel, Canoeing, Boat Building, House Building, Gardening.

 Life is Good!!



Bray Dalton, Diane  
 March 3, 2013

Prineville, OR

In 1962 I married my classmate Tom Perry and had four children; two boys, two girls. We lived and worked in the Springfield area then divorced in 1970.

           My children have given Ken & I seven grand children and 2 great grandchildren. It is so sweet to watch them grow up!

I lived in Port Orchard Washington for 15 years where I helped my husband who was a building contractor in new and remodels. During this time I was also was able to go to Eaton Business College and obtain my AA in Secretarial services.

I met my current husband Ken when I was a Restaurant Manager here in Prineville. He was the Director for an Adolescent Residential Rehab Center for addicted youth here in Prineville for 12 years when we retired.

We both loved the outdoors and soon got hooked on rock hounding. We rapidly acquired all the lapidary equipment for cutting & polishing gem stones…and building up hefty piles of rocks at home!

We claimed several sites which have Oregon’s state rock, the “thunder egg”, a geode like round rock filled with agate. We have been mining & selling for 14 years and enjoying camping at the mine & other locations.

I also gathered skills as a seamstress and applied the sewing skills in sewing appliqués for wall hangings and fashioned wedding gowns. We have sold our wares at Gem shows around Oregon & Washington.
             Now we have slowed down due to health reasons, but still go camping at the mine and pickup a few thunder eggs & mushrooms along the way.

from   http://www.centraloregonian.com/PCOObituaries14.shtml

Marilyn Diane Dalton

Marilyn Diane Dalton born: Aug. 24, 1943 and passed away peacefully at age 69 on March 3, 2013 at the family home in Hillsboro, Ore. Diane is survived by her dear Mother “Grandma”, Genevieve King; Diane’s children, Richard Perry, Linda Thomas, and Kris Gacioch, all of Hillsboro, and David Perry of Tacoma, Wash. They adored their mother.

She was greatly blessed in the latter days, having close relationships with her family and seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren were of great comfort to be near her side.

She is survived by four siblings, David Bray, Ocean Shores, Wash., Rodney Bray, Sisters, Ore.; Sisters, Lee Galinski of Haines Alaska. and Marion Gormley of Prineville.

Diane’s husband Ken Dalton lives here in Prineville. Her step-children, Chad of Bellingham Wash. and Jessica Comer of Twin Falls, Idaho will greatly miss their warm, loving kinship with Diane.

She was a most kind and loving person and whose children and friends gave her great joy in visiting and sharing their lives. She sewed professionally, fashioning gowns, wedding dresses, and bridal accessories.

Diane was active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, receiving the blessings of our Lord in her service work and acts of kindness.


Brown, Byron





Sparks, NV


Brown, Linda
April 1975


Linda passed away in April 1975 from a brain tumor at the age of 32..

After graduation in 1961, she worked at McKenzie Willamette as a nurse’s aide. 

When she turned 21 in January of 1964, she joined a nunnery (one of silence and no communication with the outside world through newspapers, TV or radio either). 
She was in the nunnery for 5 years.

After she came out of the nunnery, she went to LCC for 3 years in the nursing program.  After graduating from LCC she moved to Portland and worked for Saint Vincent’s Hospital as a registered nurse until her death.


Brown, Myron




Arlington, WA





CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Still working, starting year 33 at Kimbery Clark, as a pipe fitter! Working on old cars, playing darts.

Still Playing darts!!  We have moved from Everett to Arlington.  (Only about 20 miles)  We live on a hill with some land so don’t have to worry about the flooding problems in the lower levels.

     I am my dog’s best friend!  We also rent our pasture out to show horses.  They love to see this old man come out of the house to feed them carrots and apples. 

     I still work on old cars and rentals.  Have lots of lawn to mow and keep up.  Keeps me busy!  We haven’t gone to our time share in Cabo, Mexico because our dog misses us too much.

             Retired in 2003 at age 59.  Have no problem keeping busy.  Talk with Byron about twice a year.  Haven’t been to Springfield since the 40th and plan to be back for the 50th.


Brown, Wally
April 27, 2009





Walter was born on November 1, 1943 and passed away on Monday, April 27, 2009.

Walter was last known to be living in Dolan Springs, Arizona.


Bruhn, Larry

September 26, 2015

Springfield, OR


  Larry Bruhn      June 26, 1942 - September 26, 2015

Larry was the only child of Charlotte and Leroy Bruhn. He attended and wrestled at Springfield High School.   He was an Inventor/ Entrepreneur
and owned several businesses over the years. He loved to play pool, feed his goldfish, and his dog Goofy.

Larry passed away at his home from Prostate Cancer. He is survived by his ex-wives: Helen Tompsett and Patama Dangfu. His 3
children: Amy Harwood, Andy Bruhn, and Angela Bruhn-Smith. His 3 grandchildren: Bailey Bruhn, Briana Bruhn, and Hunter Harwood.

Larry's quick witted banter and mischievousness will be missed.


Buessow, Jerry





Springfield, OR



Burge, Merrill

Springfield, OR



Busby, Dick
April 13, 2014




Lake Oswego, OR




My wife Pat and I have been married for 37 years and live in Lake Oswego.  We have 2 kids, 5 grandkids and my son Chris is my partner in Founders Financial Group in Lake Oswego. We are all active in our church with my son serving as a deacon and my daughter active in Womens Ministry.  We stand in amazement at Gods great blessings in our lives and daily give Him thanks.  I was previously in banking for 20 years, but escaped 18 years ago.  Thank God!  My wife and I belong to Tualatin Country Club and both play as much golf as possible.  Our two older grandkids (Meagan 16, Zachary,15) both have gotten involved in golf and are good (somebody has to be)!  My wife is a gifted artist  (dollmaker and now quilting) who has collector clients all over the northwest.  We are Duck football season ticket holders (20 years) and have been to most of the bowl games.  GO DUCKS!!  I am a member of the Oregon Alumni Assoc., and  Duck Athletic Fund.  I was reminded of the strong bonds of our classes when my mom passed away in October and a number of you contacted  me (having heard about it through the grapevine) to offer your support.  Thank you all! Hope to see you all at the reunion, and to all of you who have worked so hard on this, my sincere thanks and appreciation.

     Pat and I will celebrated our 48th anniversary this year, and have added another grandchild, and a great grandchild to the litter since my last update.  I am still running my business full time. I still enjoy what I do very much and have never seen the sense in quitting doing something I enjoy as much as I enjoy my profession. (and still get paid to do it)  As long as health permits, and my clients will tolerate me, I guess I will keep doing this.

      Pat has been published in a number of national magazines with her art quilts, and continues to win awards around the northwest and several nationally.  She has been the "artist in residence” at a nationally attended seminar in Asilomar, California.   I obviously take great pride in her accomplishments.   She is the artist as I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler and a pencil. 

     We continue to enjoy our season tickets at Autzen and go to most of the bowl games.  We just got back from Phoenix and had an amazing time, even with the disappointment of the loss.  Ducks are here to stay, and we are so proud of them.  We expect to travel to Dallas this fall to watch them play LSU.  We still golf (when the weather cooperates) and spend time with our kids and grandkids.


Bush Slater, Judy
 September 14, 2009


Judy died from heart failure.  She was born Oct. 9, 1942, in Eureka, Calif., to Everette and Edna Parmer Bush. She married Roger Eugene Slayter on Dec. 14, 1964, in Springfield and worked as a certified nursing assistant and motel housekeeper and was a homemaker.

Survivors include her husband; two daughters, Michelle Baker of Texas and Kristina Slayter of Springfield; a son, Robert of Harrisburg; two brothers, Dick Bush of Coos Bay and Joe Bush of Corvallis; two sisters, Billie Zink and Dorothy Morrison, both of Eureka; and 10 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.


Bruington, Cassie





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